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  1. SJHovey


    It's not a North Dakota hockey jersey. It's one of my "miscellaneous" jerseys I've had laying around. Back when the World Juniors were in Grand Forks, one of my purchases was a Canadian team jersey. No number or name, but it's a sweet jersey that I've just had laying around now for more than 15 years. I wanted to give EPS a chance so I thought that would be a good one to send since it wouldn't kill me if something happened to it. I'll try to post photos, although I am severely technologically challenged, so we'll see.
  2. SJHovey


    I just wanted to post here that I followed suggestions of other posters and sent a jersey to EPS to have a number and name added. Just received it back today. Very satisfied with the result. I thought they did a great job. Seems to be very professionally stitched. They received the jersey from me on January 11 so it was almost exactly a three month process. Thanks for the tip.
  3. I'm ok with St. Clown winning. Keeps the NCHC streak alive, and that chaps the azzes of B1G and HE fans. I guess Duluth found out it's different playing bonus hockey against a team that didn't have to play the night before. Probably caught them by surprise.
  4. I was listening to a podcast somewhere and they were talking about him, and his NHL future. I think the person who was interviewed was a scout. I was sort of surprised by the comments. He basically said that if he gets the right NHL coach, he should be able to stick in the NHL. If he ends up with someone who expects him to play a 200' game, he's going to score a million goals in the AHL.
  5. My guess is this. ESPN probably has "real" sports they want to put on ESPN2 and ESPNU on Friday night. However, the afternoon is a different matter. They elected to go with the Wisconsin and Michigan games in the afternoon, rather than UND, probably for tv ratings. We might have a better "in person" following, but we aren't going to match schools like the B1G schools or a team like BC for a television audience. Now, admittedly, even the B1G schools and BC draw pathetic viewership for hockey. Thus, they'll broadcast the "cream" of the hockey games, but only during the afternoon.
  6. Can you say first round bye for UND? Those cancellations remove any chance for a DU at large bid. Have to win the tourney.
  7. Is Ciskie leaving as Duluth’s broadcaster? He had a strange tweet about going to Amsoil for the last time, in who knows how long, and it’s “bittersweet”.
  8. That was UND telling Omaha, “we’re going to win this game, not because we need to, not because we want to, but because we can.”
  9. I watched both of those games last night, and a couple of things occurred to me. First, in the DU-CC game, in the first period, I believe, Chrona got hammered in his own goal again, but this time it was by his own teammate. What was really strange was that Chrona gave no signs that he'd been shot, had been run over by a train, or any of the typical symptoms. Then, in the BSU-Mankato game, the BSU goalie got leveled in what I would describe as a standard Gavin Hain move. Guy was going to the net with the puck, a defenseman was sort of riding him, and their was a collision with the g
  10. Selective memory is one of the finest tools you can develop.
  11. Oh yeah, although I think the pucks may have been gutta percha. Or maybe that was what the golf team used then? I can't remember. Long time ago.
  12. I have to go all the way back to my college days to recall the finest defenseman I've ever seen play for UND -- James Patrick. Sanderson is the first defenseman I've seen at UND that reminds me of Patrick.
  13. I would at least like to see the opponent score the first goal or two in a couple of the upcoming games. That's only happened a handful of times this year, and honestly we've chased the game a bit (unsuccessfully), when it's happened. UND came back from a two goal deficit against Omaha a couple of weeks ago, but quickly coughed up the lead again.
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