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  1. I was reading Brad's article about the Central Scouting rankings, and the potential for a few of UND's future recruits to be drafted this year. Has anyone studied the issue to figure out whether college programs are being hurt in those situations? It's sort of like the Blake situation. He was drafted, then played a year of juniors, which meant that after his junior year of college he could become a free agent. That sucked, because normally you only expect first rounders, or maybe second rounders to bail after two years. But I'm sure Carolina made the push because they didn't want to give Blake leverage. Seems like the coaches might want to think about bringing these guys in the fall after they are drafted to maybe insure ourselves of at least three seasons.
  2. Wasn’t Broz a transfer from Minnesota?
  3. I think Carle is a good coach. But what I’m reading here is virtually identical to what I read here about 5-6 years ago about Sandelin, who apparently became stupid and bad again.
  4. Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, BC, BU. Every blue blood except Denver. Teams with an embarrassment of talent, riches and advantages. And all with a longer period of natty futility than UND, an apparent washed up has been. Shut them down. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  5. Starman is doing radio on XM channel 84, College Sports
  6. It’s hard to call a good game when you are fellating one team.
  7. My fear is that if DU and Michigan win today, Bucci, Cohen and the ESPN crew will just pack up and go home. We’ll be watching the championship game on closed caption tv.
  8. If he goes, he goes, and I'll wish him well. I never fault any of these kids for making decisions about what they think will be best for them.
  9. Certainly paid off ten years ago in Madison when Mike Eaves was fired, and twelve years ago in East Lansing when Rick Comley was forced out by a disgruntled fan base.
  10. I was really impressed with him in that interview, and by what he said about the pairwise.
  11. I'm actually cheering for DU. I think David Carle is about two years from an NHL deal, and a championship this year will only hasten that.
  12. Yep, certainly some talent on that team. Offensively, though, this years team was better. But defensively we were way better in ‘16. A 1.66 gaa by your primary goalie will take you along way. But maybe one our better d-corps.
  13. We won a championship game with Coltyn Sanderson and Johnny Simonson playing center. They collectively had 16 goals over the course of eight years on the team.
  14. I'd be curious to see how often the team that appears to have the most talent actually wins the title. I think back on some of the absolutely loaded teams in college hockey over the last twenty years. UND and MN during the mid-2000's, with a handful of first rounders on each team. BU in 2017 or 2018, where people were wondering whether they'd even lose a game because of the first round talent. Michigan a couple of years ago. BC may win it all this year, but that one will be the exception, more than the rule, in my book. I've often commented that I think Dean Blais' three best teams at UND were the '98, '99 and '04 teams, and they did literally nothing in the post-season. I don't think any of them won the WCHA tournament, and they certainly went nowhere in the NCAA's.
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