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    You guys are letting the politics of the vaccine cloud your thinking. Private company. Private property. They make the rules. You don’t get to bring your gun. You can’t bring your cow, or your pet chickens. You can’t even bring your drunk, naked cousin from Watford City. If you want to go to a sporting event where no vaccine is required, head to Alerus. Now, if you want to bring your cow, pet chickens or drunk, naked cousin from Watford City, you’re going to have to go to the Fargo Dome.
  2. SJHovey


    I guess I'll have to ask you to cite for me one or two of the "volumes" of examples where complying with the demands/rules of a private property owner/business before entering said property owner/business' building turned out to be ignorant and naive. The next thing I know you'll probably be telling me I'm going to have to wear pants to the game.
  3. SJHovey


    My desire is for us to pack the place, and rock downtown Nashville like we did in Vegas. I'd rather have them require the covid card and let us fill the arena than reduce capacity, or eliminate the crowd altogether. If this let's the arena people, the City of Nashville or the State of Tennessee feel better about letting us fill the barn, then I can make due.
  4. SJHovey


    I'm not looking to pick any fights on the vaccine or anything else, but in my opinion we are asked, and willingly provide, lots more sensitive information all the time, for legitimate and maybe less legitimate reasons. For instance, someone asked what you'd do when asked to produce your Real ID or passport to get on the plane, and I think it was Sic who said he'd give them non-medical information. I don't know what anyone else's vaccine card looks like, but mine has my name, my D.O.B., the brand of the vaccine I received, the dates I received the shots, and the location where I received them. That's it. Until you're about 30, every time you go into a bar you give them your name and D.O.B. I can do a heck of a lot more damage to you with your Real ID or passport than I can with the Covid card. I got my shots at Walmart, of all places, right next to the check out aisles, with a steady stream of the refuse that is the Walmart customer base walking past me as I sat and waited. It doesn't get much less confidential than that. I don't know if they still do this, but when I registered at UND I had to turn over all kinds of vaccination records, for them to keep on file (again, they didn't ask to just glance at them). I've had to turn over my social security card and passport or other id every time I've gotten a job. I had to give a copy of my birth certificate and passport to the clown at the DMV that gave me my enhanced drivers license. Is any of that ideal? No, but we have to do it, and we do. Whoever posted that all they're going to do is glance at the card and let you go is 100% right. They won't remember any of your information ten seconds later.
  5. SJHovey


    I guess I get bailing out on attending the game if you've made the personal choice not to get vaccinated, and don't wish to get tested in the days before. Not sure I track on the idea of bailing on a trip, that should be a blast, just because I don't want to tell anyone that I'm vaccinated. It's not like I'm telling Bridgestone (or anyone else for that matter) anything that they can use to harm me.
  6. SJHovey


    It's not a North Dakota hockey jersey. It's one of my "miscellaneous" jerseys I've had laying around. Back when the World Juniors were in Grand Forks, one of my purchases was a Canadian team jersey. No number or name, but it's a sweet jersey that I've just had laying around now for more than 15 years. I wanted to give EPS a chance so I thought that would be a good one to send since it wouldn't kill me if something happened to it. I'll try to post photos, although I am severely technologically challenged, so we'll see.
  7. SJHovey


    I just wanted to post here that I followed suggestions of other posters and sent a jersey to EPS to have a number and name added. Just received it back today. Very satisfied with the result. I thought they did a great job. Seems to be very professionally stitched. They received the jersey from me on January 11 so it was almost exactly a three month process. Thanks for the tip.
  8. I'm ok with St. Clown winning. Keeps the NCHC streak alive, and that chaps the azzes of B1G and HE fans. I guess Duluth found out it's different playing bonus hockey against a team that didn't have to play the night before. Probably caught them by surprise.
  9. I was listening to a podcast somewhere and they were talking about him, and his NHL future. I think the person who was interviewed was a scout. I was sort of surprised by the comments. He basically said that if he gets the right NHL coach, he should be able to stick in the NHL. If he ends up with someone who expects him to play a 200' game, he's going to score a million goals in the AHL.
  10. My guess is this. ESPN probably has "real" sports they want to put on ESPN2 and ESPNU on Friday night. However, the afternoon is a different matter. They elected to go with the Wisconsin and Michigan games in the afternoon, rather than UND, probably for tv ratings. We might have a better "in person" following, but we aren't going to match schools like the B1G schools or a team like BC for a television audience. Now, admittedly, even the B1G schools and BC draw pathetic viewership for hockey. Thus, they'll broadcast the "cream" of the hockey games, but only during the afternoon.
  11. Can you say first round bye for UND? Those cancellations remove any chance for a DU at large bid. Have to win the tourney.
  12. Is Ciskie leaving as Duluth’s broadcaster? He had a strange tweet about going to Amsoil for the last time, in who knows how long, and it’s “bittersweet”.
  13. That was UND telling Omaha, “we’re going to win this game, not because we need to, not because we want to, but because we can.”
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