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  1. This game should give us some hope. A team with 5-6 great defensemen can do great things.
  2. I would really like a black one and a green one, but how do I go about paying you Mafiia?
  3. I know fans here are unhappy with our season. But we were one of three teams to win two games from UMD. One was in the frozen four. The other was the #1 overall seed . The NCHC was a damn good conference this year.
  4. What I posted was that I think you'll see a trend away from seeking the younger recruits, the 14 and 15 year olds. The question that i have is this. Did the UND staff really recruit an eighth grader, make an offer and try to obtain a commit, or did a legacy who has grown up hearing UND stories simply announce as an eighth grader that he's going to UND to play hockey?
  5. If you think teams like DU and UMD are going to do 10 Frozen Fours in 20 years in the new college hockey landscape, put the prediction out there. I say no.
  6. Did they do 10 in 20 years as I originally posted?
  7. My statement "nobody is going to do that again" referred to the entire paragraph that preceded it, but whatever. Could someone do it? Of course. We did it. Do I think it's likely? No. Yeah, DU is going to their third in the last four years. They've been to six in the last what, 45 years?
  8. The defenseman, Jon Lizotte, was the senior.
  9. Yeah, I'm not sure. I thought I saw that Brad posted that we lost a record number of people during that period, but I don't have the numbers. I get why people are frustrated. We've basically been the best program in college hockey for 40 years. That covers the college hockey lifespan of a great many of our fans. When you look back and see how many Frozen Fours, how many tournaments, how many championship game appearances, how many championships we've all had the privilege of witnessing these past 40 years (no other program comes close to us in all of those categories), you start to view it as a right instead of an extremely fortunate experience.
  10. I don't think it's this so much as our fan base is simply spoiled. I say that in a nice way, but it's absolutely true and the sooner people realize it, the sooner they'll get back to enjoying UND hockey. We had a 20 year run that candidly won't be repeated again. As I was finishing up school in the early 80's, the WCHA was coming off a stretch where the NCAA champion came out of our league something like 29 of 36 years. That won't be repeated again either. From '97 to '00, we had the best team, hands down, in college hockey. It wasn't even close. We won two titles, then were an overtime goal away from sneaking out a third in '01. We then went to what, seven Frozen Fours in eleven years. Nobody is going to do that again. Back in one of the old "fire Hak" threads I posted something to the effect that even though we weren't winning titles, people needed to sit back and enjoy the success we were having because it was really outside of the ordinary. 10 Frozen Fours in a twenty year span. You're not going to see that again people, I don't care how many coaches you want to fire.
  11. I don't know. We went 2-2 against UMD, and I wouldn't bet against them winning the championship again this year. We were also pretty evenly matched against DU, and I wouldn't bet against them winning the championship again this year either. And this in a year in which we admittedly couldn't put the puck in the net and had one of the worst power plays in recent memory.
  12. I guess I wasn't suggesting that the cupboard would be bare for SCSU. But Schuldt and Lizotte ate up a lot of playing time, and there is the potential loss of Kuster and Ahcan. To a defenseman looking at his chances for playing time, it might appear easier if you're competing against 3 other incoming freshmen plus a redshirt in Tyler Anderson, as opposed to the North Dakota roster where you'll have two seniors (not counting Johnson), three juniors and two sophomores (who were very high draft picks). Again, all speculation on my part, but I could certainly see where if I wanted to come in this year an play a lot of minutes right away SCSU would be a better spot.
  13. Assuming it's him, and all but one of us apparently have no real idea who it is, he might see SCSU as a place where he can step right in and get quality minutes. They're going to lose some bodies on defense after this year. It looks to me, according to the CHN site, that they have four seniors on D, along with Ahcan who might be a flight risk. Now, not all of those seniors are getting playing time, but that's still a lot of roster holes.
  14. My personal theory is this. That starting around 2010 or 2011 you really started seeing some of the "bluebloods" in college hockey (including us) taking commitments from kids who were 15 or 16 years old. Honestly, most of the time you miss on those guys. Yeah there are the Schmaltz's and Boeser's of the world out there, but they are few and far between. Go back and look at Chris Heisenberg's recruits lists for those years. The guys who ended up here and who ended up playing often committed at age 17-19. The lists are littered with people who committed to us at 15 or 16 and never crossed the Red River. Cakebread, Evers, Rowe, Pelnik, Mitch Mattson, etc... We're not alone in that, which is why I think you've seen teams like Michigan, Minnesota, BC, (and now us) struggle a bit recently. I predict we'll see a lot fewer 16 year old recruits.
  15. Yeah, but at least BU has those three national championships produced by the nine first round draft picks since 2015. No substitute for those blue chippers.
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