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Hey I just wanted to let everyone know that you can for for college coach of the year here at http://www.coachoftheyear.com

You can vote for Dale Lennon, and Craig Bohl, or any other local coaches. This has been going around the other message boards and it helps alot.

"In 2007, we'll name a Coach of the Year in each NCAA Division: DI, DIAA, DII, and DIII. The winners will each receive $50,000 toward the charity(s) of his choice and $20,000 for his school’s Alumni Association. The award process will take place over the course of the entire college football season, and fan votes will be crucial to the outcome."

Come on everyone, I know that we can get these guys the top awards. And Terry Horan is a good local DIII coach too from Concordia.

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I, for one, am shocked... simply shocked to see a Bison fan endorse a web site that refers to "IAA". I assume a parallel letter-writing campaign urging them to update to FCS has begun among the faithful?

??? I agree some Bison fans got a little pissy about that, but if you notice more and more "major" sports authorities are becoming more accustomed to the terms.

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