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Hopefully this will be the last time I have to post this . . .

If you want to watch over the web you have two options.

1. If you want to pay to watch the game use this link to order the game via CSTV XXL

2. If you want to watch the game for free use any one of these links:




I saw the team today, they are staying in a hotel just around the corner from my apartment. Whack the midgets . . . Go Sioux!

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JPL another huge night???

No Stupid Penalties, and more momentum for the early seaon!!!

Tonight is TJ's stage...I like it, time to crack an adult beverage...

I wish this LSU game would end, seems like it was this long when it was live too!!!

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This has probably already been posted somewhere, but I'm in a hurry....

Can I watch the webcast later on tonight? Or is it only live?

If you buy that CSTV XXL thing they will probably archive it and you can watch it later.

The pirated streams will reshow the game the same time it is reshown on TV, at 12:30 am ET.

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Hak comes up to the box for the interview!!!!!!!!! DEDICATION!

Hak Pre-game comments:

Ice will be less than ideal. Probably deteriorate as the night goes on. Be interesting to see how it sets up after warm-ups. Bottom line, we have to go play.

BC top couple lines is loaded with seniors and juniors. Solid back on the blue line. Replaced Motherwell with another junior, so it's not like they're inexperienced. Be interesting to see how their young guy (goalie) will do here.

They're a momentum team coming out of the locker room. They'll come out ready to play their game.

Been a decent week of practice. Short week with having to leave Thursday morning.

Looked at film from last week, and the game was closer than what it appeared. We're a long ways from where we need to be, but hopefully we'll be closer to where we want to be after tonights game.

For us to do what we need to do, we need to get contributions throughout the line-up. Defense jumping into the play is an area where we want to improve. We did pretty good last week, but we want to do better.

Have to do better than 22 shots on net. This young guy is good, but he needs to see more shots.

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