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Friday Weather Patterns


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Hey. I live down here in the Twit Cities. The local weather mavens are calling for a BIG storm Thursday night, into Friday morning. Some claim that it will bring 8-12" through the south, into the southern suburbs. Less as one moves north, affecting a swath at least up through St. Cloud.

We need the big contingent in their seats by the time that the puck is dropped at 4 pm. Please plan accordingly. Please drive safely. Put the cap back on the Strawberry Hill by the time that you hit Monticello.

Let's Go Sioux!!

N-O-R-T-H-D-A-K-O-T-A. North Dakota. North Dakota. Aaaaaay Sioux!

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Thanks for the heads up, but if you are going to tip the bottle while on the way to the game (which I am not supporting) at least make it something a little stronger than Boones. More like straight tequilla and make it worth the risk.

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It is raining cats and dogs right now. It is supposed to turn to snow tonight, moving up from the south. Southern Minn. is to get kicked with 8-12". The line is only to extend north to St. Cloud, with St. Cloud, and the northern metro, getting no more than 2-4.

All by morning. It may be plowed by then. Who knows. It could stay all rain. It could swing south. It could swing north. Suffice it to say that GF travellers should give themselves a good cushion on the drive. Make hay while you can. When you hit 60 miles out, things could slow down.

Ain't nothing gonna stop you though from being in Mariucci. Ain't nothing gonna stop you.

Ain't no stopping the Sioux this year.

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I heard a different forecast:

100% chance of Hale. 95% probability of two.

Widely scattered shots on goal by Ferris State, diminishing by the third period to virtually nothing.

Speedwhack and Notermann will be blowing past you at 25-35 knots.

Blizzard of pucks at Mike Brown's end of the rink, heavy at times. Total accumulation of 8-12 goals.

Recommend you arrive early, as Speedwhack makes quick hash of all-CCHA goalies, don't be late.

This was from the NHFC (National Hockey Forecasting Center):

Will let you know Saturday's Forecast when I hear it.

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The much ballyhooed storm wimped out of town, much like the much ballyhooed Gophers will be limping out of town come Saturday night.

System stayed largely south. There are a few inches of snow in town.

If you are coming down from GF, NW winds will carry you and increase your gas mileage performances.

There may be a system bucking just to your east, in east central Minnesota, but you will likely miss it.

Safe travels.

Let's Go Sioux!

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