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Just saw a cool story on Fox 9 News, Mpls-St. Paul. A little kid from Russia, adopted by a family in Minnesota, promised his buddy that he would

find an American family to adopt him as well and bring him to the United States. The adopted boy's family looked and looked, and found a taker

in the little boy's hockey coach and family. The coach? Phil Sykes.

Both Phil and his wife, whose name was really cool but I simply cannot remember her name, were both on screen talking about the thrills of adoption. Phil and family already had a raft of children, so it appeared, but they simply could not say no. Their lives are now the richer. The story was largely filmed at the Mpls.-St. Paul International Airport as the Sykes' family was welcoming the boy to the United States.

There are many Phil Sykes in this world but there is only one Phil Sykes on this board. I am quite sure that it was him, judging from the fine shape that he was in. The story will likely run again tomorrow morning on Fox 9 News.

I assume, but am not certain, that Phil and family are in the Twin Cities.

Adoption is a wonderful thing, for all involved. Many kudos to Phil Sykes, his bride, and family, for making the dreams of little boys come true.

More proof that Fighting Sioux hockey players, past and present, are way 2 Kool 2 Ever B 4Gotten.

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Been good, TRIOUXPER. Busy playing softball, coaching kids' baseball, working once in a while, hanging out at the pool...yea...good times!

Sometimes its good to be MM!

For those of us who actually have to work to pay the bills, on the other hand.... :D

Anyways, this kid is one lucky guy. And I hear Russian players are pretty good stickhandlers. We should send him some info on UND ;)

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