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UND (7-17, 1-10) @ USD (11-13, 6-6) 2/4 1 PM


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Last part of the roadtrip finds them with a trip to Vermillion to take on the Yotes.  USD took down NDSU 71-62 at home to even their Summit mark at 6-6.

UND needs to figure out something fast, they are all but guaranteed a spot in the Friday games in Sioux Falls, but they need to gain SOME, ANY momentum back, especially on the defensive side of the basketball.  

USD can shoot the lights out of the gym and if UND isn't careful this will get ugly quick.

2nd crack at the Bruns revenge.  Find a way to get it done.

Here is where you can watch the game:


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30 minutes ago, Kab said:

There’s ways to win
Confidence and attitude to start and a coach that does the right things, start Matt 

Matt is probably our best player right now. But in Sather’s defense sometimes some players are better coming off the bench and even prefer coming off the bench. Norman might be one of those guys. He knows he’s coming in right away, can do whatever he wants, and is going to play 30+ minutes. Not starting isn’t always a bad thing. 

But if they decided to start him now I wouldn’t blame them either. 

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Start or come off the bench what does it matter? The question typically is are you effective?  He has been more than in this role. From what I’ve seen this year Norman has been far more effective when he has come off the bench than when he has started. Just my observation.  Again if they start him, that’s fine…but whether Norman starts or comes off the bench is so not even close to the issues that have plagued this team… unless you are the player or the parent. Typically, that’s where that type of concern comes from. But since  I don’t know him or his parents so I can’t say either way.  

I would say on my list of issues facing Men’s Basketball this season, whether or not Norman starting falls somewhere in the high 600’s 

Currently over the last several games, number 1, is the team finding more defensive stops. It starts there for me. Can they do it?  Do they want to do it? I guess we’ll find out today and the next 7 games after today

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I’m not sure I understand the question.  From my view the last several games show that everyone that has been on the floor need to desperately be better defensively. Defense to me is a team thing, the individual part of it is that they have to want to do it. Over and over again.  Not fall asleep on a possession, cause when that happens the whole defense fails.  Opponents will sometimes make shots they have good players, but don’t let another team have too many easy ones.  
I thought the first meeting with USD, UND did a great job down on the block on the Yote big, he made a difference late hitting a 3, but sometimes players make 3.  Today UND will have to do a great job on him on the block to start because UND won’t be able to help because of their talented guards

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