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2021 Game Day - NDSU vs UND at Alerus Center


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22 hours ago, iramurphy said:

Maybe, but He made quick turn upfield and had step on defender and was open with good lead pass over dB. Had he continued to middle of the field he turns toward multiple defenders and clogs up an area that was open for Schuster to run for 3-4yds which he should have done. Schuster had room to run for first down.  Indecisive and rushed throw he wasn’t committed to. Unlike Schuster.  

Not sure we're looking at the same guy...  Are you talking about Bo or Richter, the outside receiver on the far right?  I was referring to Richter, #5.  Also to clarify, by saying he should have turned facing the midle of the field, I just meant that he should have rotated his body clock-wise instead of counter clock-wise when he turned to run toward the end zone.  Richter didn't create seperation or open himself up for a pass toward the sideling, and he took has eyes off the QB so Tommy couldn't throw it to him when he needed to release the ball, even if he wanted to go to him.  Otherwise, if that was the route he was supposed to run, he isn't athletic enough to be on the field...

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