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U Jamestown New Wrestling Coach


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UJ just announced the hire of Jim Zalesky as its new wrestling coach. WOW. Previously coached out at Oregon State, and Iowa State before that. In National wrestling hall of fame.  NCAA champ 3 years in a row himself. 

Pretty good get it seems.

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4 hours ago, JohnboyND7 said:

Quite an accomplished man.

UJ/JC has been making some moves the last decade or so.

Re-done football stadium is looking good too

We have needed a new football field for both the high school and the college for years. Both were natural turf. Some of those games were nothing but a mud bowl. College has wanted to combine with the high school for sometime now but the head brass at the high school wouldn’t get on board. Obviously they finally woke up and saw the light. It’s going to be beautiful 

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1 hour ago, northernraider said:

Wonder if they will make a jump to D2 in a few years. 

Not anytime soon. Hell the football team has been bad for years although the other sports have all done well. Hopefully the new football field will get some better recruits here. The old field was a mud puddle after a rain. This was needed badly 

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