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The new CC Tigers logo

The Sicatoka

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6 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

I have to disagree. 

I'd call the new CC a hot mess, but it's half-baked. 

The fact that anyone looking at that logo can tell it's a Tiger.........

It wins by default.

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I like the simple CC jerseys. Clean and traditional. The script for the COLORADO COLLEGE leaves so much to be desired. It's like they lined up the script in a word document and used the generic font and hit ENTER.  Especially from where they were coming from, their older scripted jerseys looked really good.  Speaking of the logo, both look great and will age well.  If only UND get over the obsession with using the NDHawk logo and get an additional logo that everyone can get behind (ie Ben Brien).   Most teams have multiple logos, it's time for UND to do the same. Keep the NDHawk, but we need an additional logo with just a hawk that Sioux fans can get behind. 

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3 hours ago, tho0505 said:


That jersey sucks.  First, the obvious.  The addition of silver into the scheme just mucks things up.  Totally out of place.  Second, just "COLORADO COLLEGE" on the front?  Really?  That's it?  Sorry, but this is gonna be a 'no' from me, dawg.  

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41 minutes ago, Sioux90 said:

I prefer the old logo. Nobody asked for them to change it.

The old one was a little goofy and it was hard to recognize what exactly it was on a hockey jersey.  This new one is cleaner and I like the effect of the mountains at the top of the shield.  

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