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Goepfert was a stud in the USHL. This could be a real boon to St. Cloud in a year if things work out well for him/them.

at Providence also. And had a fantastic WJC in 02-03 when he replaced Jimmy Howard when Howard lost confidence early in the tourney.

Goepfert will have to miss this year, but should be a good addition to SC for 05-06.

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Boy, Geopfert kind of blew the English paper

BG: When's that paper due dude???

Classmate: Ummm tomarrow, we've been talking about it all semester.

BG: Uhh ohh, I better do it.....

The very next class session

BG: Here's my paper, hope you like it.

Teacher: Where's your bibliography?

BG: Bibli what???

Teacher: Weren't you at class when I talked about the paper.

BG: Ummm.....errr.....no

Teacher: So you would like to turn this paper in incomplete???

BG: Yeah, I guess so, I'll take whatever grade you give me.

Teacher: Well then its plaigarized Bob, and thats what it looks like anyways.

BG: Whatever, I got a game tomarrow, so I won't be at class.

Just a guess at how the conversation went. :lol:

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I think it is interesting. You have Montgomery, who wasn't all that bad when backing up Moreland and Boron (I think) who is supposed to be a decent backstop. Montgomery has (apparently) been working hard to get the #1 position and then he loses it to Coole. Coole can't hack it/loses interest and Montgomery gets another chance....nope. Now Goepfert.

I wonder what's going through Montgomery's head right now.

And I thought the year lost thing could be waived by the former club, in this case Providence.

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With his "fine" academic pedigree, I'm sure he'll be the top of his class ... before he locks himself in the can.  :ohmy:  :p

hey, from what I hear, at JBSU there is an advanced class to learn that skill, taught by Finger and the coaching staff!


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