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2018 FY NCAA Report


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4 hours ago, SWSiouxMN said:

Interesting that they made a profit.... ($1.2 million of it)

Now wonder where that will go?

Wonder how this compared to last years report (anybody have that at the ready or know where to find it?)


We had 1.4 mil of profit last year,  travel expenses went from 3.1mil in 2017 to 2.8 mil in 2018 so saving $300,000 helps.

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2 minutes ago, zonadub said:

So UND could have stayed in the Big Sky and not run a deficit?

Looks like revenues included $6.5 million from direct institutional support in addition to $3.6 million from student fees, so basing profit/deficit talk on the bottom line from this report is kind of misguided.

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Does anyone know if the ticket revenue in UND's report is before are after the Ralph's 52% cut?  

The reason I ask this is because I do not see an expense anywhere on the Ralph's financial statement, where they show an expense for UND's 48% cut of tickets.  So I feel like they each show their revenue, if paid to them directly by ticketmaster, and neither show an expense for the other's share of tickets.  So the ticket sales essentially could be double.  Am I missing something here?  The only place that I could maybe see it accounted for is under Athletic Facilities Debt Services, Leases, and Rental Fee, but that number isn't high enough.  Anyone have any insight on this?  The Ralphs 2017 financials

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