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Fighting Sioux Movie/Documentary?


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Anyone know anything or have an update about that Sioux/UND Nickname documentary that was on kickstarter in like... 2015? Is it out? Is it done? I know they raised the capital target so.. does anyone know anything? Looks like there hasn't been any kind of update on the movie website or whatever in a while...

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the filmmaker gave a talk at the local 1Million Cups meeting and discussed that it was anticipated that distribution channels would be available in 2019.....maybe.

Really, I dont hold out hope to see much of any type of return on investment for those that contributed.

Its a project begun 15 years too late and still lacks anywhere close to the impact that it could have had.

Kind of a wet firecracker at this point.

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8 hours ago, Cratter said:

Is Netflix the end goal for these types of movies nowadays?

I'd say Netflix would be the pipedream.

Overall I think this entire project was horribly mismanaged. As a backer I am quite disappointed in the process and execution, and hold little hope in being entertained or informed or inspired by the final product.

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