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  1. Just so happy we win tonight. I was one off of my win by 3 prediction. If that ENG would have counted - which it should have being the penalty was after the puck went in??? My prediction would have been correct. But I’ll still take it. And it wasn’t a scary win. We really beat them and the score doesn’t reflect how well we played - for the most part. We had some real good looks.
  2. Honestly I just simply think it’s weird they play a different size ice. How is that even a thing. That’s like having one random football team have a 150 yard field at home just, cuz.
  3. This all on top of UMD getting swept. This is overall a pretty good weekend.
  4. let’s go Sioux! Let’s go Sioux! Love how we travel and show up to every away game
  5. Agreed about the Midco team. It’s as good as watching an NHL game.
  6. I would swear the boys are partying hard on Thursday nights and then resting up on Friday nights or something. Seriously all I can think of lol
  7. UMD down 4-2 AGAIN against NMU heading into 3rd. I think if we can figure out our Friday woes and some Chemisty issues, we’ve got a damn good team here
  8. Getting great looks tonight at least and putting up shots. Looks great tonight. Why can’t we do this for a full weekend? I won’t complain about tonight but man, what a 180
  9. Agreed as well. It isn’t just him and I know that but sometimes he has to be able to step up and make a save. Also it seems like he is always way outside of the net. Idk why he plays like that
  10. I get a little hate every time I say Driscoll sucks. But seriously … maybe he doesn’t SUCK but he isn’t elite and shouldn’t be playing at this level. Do we have a better option right this very second? Idk. Probably not, but then that’s on Berry who I also am questionable on and then people say I am over reacting. Driscoll should be making some of these stops. We have had some AMAZING opportunities that don’t convert because of elite goalies making amazing stops and we are not able to do the same thing.
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