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Its worked the past few weeks, so lets get an early start. We have a nice win streak going here, and IF UND continues to play like it did Saturday (yes, there are still things to clean up), then this streak could go on for a while. Sac St. just pulled out a big win over the Bobcats, but I don't think UND lets them get near as much offense going. Actually, after seeing the Bobcat D, I'm surprise that Sac St got that many point this past weekend. The hornets may have exposed the bobcat secondary, but I don't see it happening again this weekend. UND will get a ton of pressure on Ketteringham and there will be some INT opportunities. This is a team that lost to western oregon, but appears to be pesky enough to stick in their games and keep them close; can't overlook that either.

Demps16Web.jpg?max_width=160&max_height=Cody Demps



Gary_Dourdan.jpgGary Dourdan - CSI

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18 minutes ago, mj23 said:

Team looked solid Saturday other than the redzone turnovers.  Luckily that didn't lose them the game but you can't be doing that against solid teams going forward.

Poly is a solid team. They were coming off wins over top 10 teams the previous two weeks. They beat big bad SDSU on the road.

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8 hours ago, mj23 said:

Yes, they escaped by a pick.  That's not always going to be the case.  You can't afford those turnovers in a tough game going forward. 

Your sidetracking our fun....no real football talk on this thread.

focus!  Don't let this guy get in your head.

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