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Hopefully adjustments have been made this week to pressure this explosive offense. Santiago and Oliveira will get their touches but my god we need to keep our defense off the field which means the combo of Studsrud/Bartels/Mollberg need to keep the chains moving and the clock running. Can't let this get into a shootout. I for one am really nervous about having Prokup hang 50 on us at the Al. I'd like to the students and fans come out for the "Green Out" game, but hey...at least the seats are green ???.

I really hope I'm wrong.

MSU 45

UND 24

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If Studsrud is indeed back I think UND will give MSU a run for it in this game. The UND defense hasn't forced any turnovers all year and they are due to get a couple of cheap fumble recoveries or interceptions. That said, I just don't think UND can outscore them. MSU 38 UND 31

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I believe you take the pot with the predictions, got all but the D Harris pick

damn Harris let me down.  lol. I already spent the pot I bought 4 rounds

.  hope you didn't miss it.  I do have 45 cents after the tip.


This is a big win.  now a week off heal some.  Beat UNC at home.  travel to Cal Poly for a money game.  by the way both UNC and Cal Poly are losing today.

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