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UND fall enrollment ticks higher; third largest in school history: 14,951

The University of North Dakota has registered its third largest enrollment in UND's history, increasing its official fall headcount to 14,951 students, up from 14,906 at this time last year.

Looking inside the numbers, UND saw a slight increase in transfer students, recording 706 compared to 702 last year, and the school's freshman class is stable at about 1,900 students, compared to 1,906 last year.

In addition, the University announced that it has recruited its most academically prepared freshman class ever, as measured by average high school grade point averages (GPA) and ACT scores. UND's new freshman class has an average GPA of 3.42 -- the highest in UND's history (up from 3.4 last year and 3.33 in 2012) and an average ACT score of 23.9 -- the highest in UND's history (up from 23.8 last year and 23.5 three years ago).

Also, as a result of deliberate initiatives focused on student success and coupled with the quality of last year's freshmen, UND retained a record-setting 81.3 percent (up from 74 percent just three years ago) of those students, who are now sophomores.

Growing colleges

This year, The College of Engineering & Mines saw the largest increase (1,841 compared to 1,765 last year), followed by the College of Arts & Sciences (2,907 compared to 2,844 last year). The School of Medicine and Health Sciences professional program also showed good growth (290 compared to 274 last year), as did the School of Law (first year law students is up, 85 compared to 74 last year).

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Just now, The Sicatoka said:

C'mon man. Read the column headings. 

Table 2 breaks down Table 1 into F/T and P/T



School F/T P/T Total (from T1)
NDSU 2497 257 2754
UND 1806 802 2608



Struggled in school poor reader. I envied you guys on the Honor Roll.

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