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On 10/11/2018 at 11:59 AM, Shawn-O said:

Haven't read the measure but have heard that Measure 3 would result in the most liberal legalization of pot in the country.  True or false?    

Sounds like the intent was to leave it broad/open so the legislature can do its job and craft laws around it. Unfortunately the lack of rules written into the measure (which everybody who's complaining now would've complained about anyway had they been included) makes the statement technically true.

Big fear campaign going on now, which occurs with every cannabis ballot initiative in every state. 

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8 hours ago, Milford torgerson said:

I doubt any of those clowns are from ND.  Every one around here is to busy working 

Great point.......2.3% unemployment in this state. 

If only Socialism could alleviate all unemployment in our country just like in Venezuela.


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20 hours ago, UNDBIZ said:

An unelected commission can now make up its own rules with no oversight, while becoming a political hammer to be used on whomever the commission so chooses. The legislature will have to fund it at the level the commission believes it needs. It supersedes all other parts of the state constitution. It's in the constitution, so the legislature can't fix it with a simple law change. It stifles free speech, adding reporting requirements and making internet doxing easy for the crazies.

Is there any positive possibilities from this measure?

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12 minutes ago, Milford torgerson said:

Is there any positive possibilities from this measure?

Sure. It could expose dirty money and corruption. Many past and present legislators and elected officials are/were self serving and deserve exposure. Just wish the writers of the measure didn't make such a mess of it. 

It will be interesting to see where this commission draws the line on things.  All of Burgum's efforts to build downtowns up will benefit him and his friends/family personally with his Fargo properties. However, he was elected with everyone knowing what he was going to push for. Is that bad ethics or a sincerely held belief that he just happens to benefit from? 

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