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  1. It shouldn’t be that hard. Use your players talent and strengths to the teams advantage, not put a choke hold on their natural strengths.
  2. I think you nailed it. There’s always tests before Christmas break too
  3. Disagree. Ours is a middle ranging version of a Hawk but that cat version is at or near the bottom
  4. It is seriously hard to measure population in any town in the patch. Oodles of people still go there for their 2 week ,or whatever length they’re using, but get their mail back home. It is interesting to note that the largest class size growth is in pre and elementary according to those that I know who actually live among this.
  5. This sounds more plausible. Dickinson has-had a healthy growing pace while Williston was nuts and more problematic. Really hard to gauge where Williston goes from here.
  6. I’ll have to remember to short myself on the commodity next time SV makes this call
  7. We’re not far from a middle playoff team. Give us a good OC and we’re there this year.
  8. This is what I’m thinking. The best we can hope for is replacing Rudy. Bubba stays through his contract
  9. It’s a long shot for sure but there seems to be more parity in the fcs this season. Seems like there might end up being an over abundance of 500 teams making 7-4 look better.
  10. Is there any positive possibilities from this measure?
  11. Now that it is passed, could explain the terrible consequences of this measure for our great state?
  12. 21-17 Hawks with an early 4th quarter fist fight
  13. Would UND win the bid for this game? Just asking
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