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The Stanley Cup in GF


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First name basis with him? Surely you know how to spell his last name then, LOL!

Awesome that Matt Greene brought the Stanley Cup to UND. I said it before that I won't forget the sad look on his face after the 2005 NCAA title game loss to Denver. Kudos to Matt Greene for bringing the Stanley Cup to Grand Forks. Now THAT'S a "Sioux legend."


Is it? :D

Yep - unless you don't know where to go to watch the Sioux in the West Regional next spring? :p




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The turnout at REA today was crazy! I got there at 11:15 and ended up in line around middle of the lobby. Once the line started moving it was about a 30 minute wait to get a photo with the Cup.

I heard they eventually had to stop letting people pose for photos with it because the line was incredibly long and they wanted to move as many people through as possible.

We arrived just before 11, and were about the 3rd turn (right in front of the first group of TRF hockey kids).  I thought more people would arrive earlier, but I'm glad we got there when we did.  By the time we got pictures taken and hit the Sioux Shop, the line was headed north out on the sidewalk. That was about 12:40.

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