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UND's first year in the WAC (autobid), so there should be some excitement there that wasn't in the Great West. Season starts 2 weeks from today vs Houston Baptist and Kansas from Lawrence, KS.


First home game is March 28th vs Northern Colorado



Chicago St

Grand Canyon

New Mexico St

North Dakota

Northern Colorado

Sac State

Seattle U


Utah Valley

(for those who don't know who is all in the WAC)

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any thoughts of how this team should be?

UND picked 9th (out of 10 teams) in preseason poll:



UND returns eight positional starters and the entire starting rotation to a team that enjoyed its first winning season in its NCAA Division I era last season (25-22-1), its most wins in a season since 2005.

Lets hope for a chance at that conference title.

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GRAND FORKS, N.D.-- Anticipated weather conditions in Lawrence, Kan., have forced a shakeup in the University of North Dakota's opening baseball weekend. UND will now travel to the University of Central Arkansas to play four games, two against host UCA and two more with Illinois State University.

Game times at UCA this weekend are as follows:

Friday February 28th

UCA vs North Dakota 3PM

Illinois State vs North Dakota 6PM

Saturday March 1st

UCA vs North Dakota 11 AM

Illinois State vs North Dakota 2:30 PM

UCA vs Illinois State 5:30 PM

Sunday March 2nd

UCA vs Illinois State Noon

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Now it will never happen, but kind of wish UND will build an on-campus stadium right South of the new med school. Only need a few thousand seats as the med school would break the nasty wind from the NW. Play baseball on the sunnyside.


Took a couple of grad school courses at Spring Hill in Mobile, and they had a setup which is pictured. A good way to integrate athletics and academics. Lot of kids just hung out at the promenade studying and watching baseball. Could use a couple thousand seatbacks, but loved the atmosphere.

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UND's home opener (Bismarck doesn't count) is this weekend!!!

UND vs Seattle U Friday at 2pm, Sat at 1pm and Sunday at noon.

UND is 7-5 and 7-18 in the WAC for 3rd place tie with Seattle U and New Mexico State.

Sac St 12-3

Grand Canyon 10-5

Seattle U 7-5

NMSU 7-5

UND 7-5

Bakersfield 8-7

Utah Valley 8-7

Texas-PA 7-8

Chicago St 2-10

UNC 1-14

UND has 15 games left.

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