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Ramage was out of control last weekend late on Saturday and should've been shown the gate.

This weekend he lays a monster hit (shoulder was very close to contact to head) and then is surprised when he's called for it?

The guy's been playing out of control for a couple games. He is over that edge as Hak would say. (Hak says you play right up to that edge, but not over.)

And Rumple looks terrible. The angle he gave on SCSU's second goal was awful.

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Definitely a clean hit. Shouldn't respond like that when he knows cameras are on him. Nonetheless, pretty disappointed in the call.

If you thought it was a clean hit, then he most likely did too. If you are a competitive player and get booted from a game unjustly in your eyes, wouldn't you be a little mad. I know people that are so competitive that they have no idea how agressive and out of control they are and they are pretty mello out of that competitive environment. I have a feeling we are going to see more reactions like that simply because officials are going to error on the side of safety when somebody gets hurt. It bothers me that they officiate that way because you are going to get the occasional flopper who can put one past the refs, or in the WCHA's case, put a bunch past the refs.

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