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What i don't get


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What I don't get (still) is how Babich can do so poorly with the Bison and end up getting rewarded for it by getting to the NFL.

I heard he had a friend in the Rams organization, but since when should that make a difference?

Would a bison fan clarify this for me?

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Speaking of Babich, there was some talk on the Bison board about Babich not being that good of a DB. THis is a legit question and am not trying to dis the bison, do any Bison fans think that Babich was recruited by daddy Babich just because he was his son?

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That's just the fans that are looking for excuses. Babich isn't that bad of a DB, but Gorman is better. I think Bobby was getting some looks and offers from DI schools. Bobby is still young and got thrown into the fire, as his redshirt was yanked last year. If the Bison didn't have so many injuries, he would only be a redshirt freshman this year. He has improved markedly this year. I'd want to play for my father if I had the opportunity.

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UNO's Krause is obviously much better than UND's Lueck (sorry if i don't remember his name) and we shut Krouse down easily. So why did we have trouble with Leuck?

Trying to answer the question objectively, I'd have to say that either (a) your posit that Krause is better than Lueck is wrong, or (b) that UNO utilizes Krause differently than UND utilizes Lueck and that difference was the difference.

Either way, Lueck played at DIAA Murray State before returning home to East Grand Forks and playing at UND.

The better question for the situation is this:

Is that the best Babich can play against a DIAA caliber receiver?

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Albeit his comments are uncooth and somewhat immature, it is the choice of those out there to respond or not to respond.

The point of this board is to express opinions, not start flame fests. I may not like the Bison and Bison fans may not like the Sioux. That's ok.

I would emphasize that, instead of telling people to ignore others, that we constantly (if necessary) make reference that this is a respectful bulletin board where sports frans come to chat it up about their favorite teams in regards to, about, or surrounding UND athletics.

This is NOT an NDSU, UM, or UNO bulletin board. It is a UND one. We allow people from other schools to post out of our good grace and our belief that they may have something productive to say. So far people like Bisonmav, Biosnguy, Greyeagle, Sagard (the last two on the hockey board), and a few others, have really exemplified what this board, I feel, is all about as far as representing another school.

I'm not pointing fingers at certain individuals from other schools and saying they are poor fans because I'm not naive or blind enough to claim that all UND fans who post to these boards are not the same way. Realisticly speaking, there is immaturity on both sides of the "fence" in some areas. Even I have my moments.

So, instead of trying toget Bison1234 to leave, how about urging everyone regardless of school to behave like mature adults?

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