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  1. bisonguy

    More Bison in trouble

    NDSU Student ≠ NDSU Student-Athlete
  2. bisonguy

    Nickname on Ballot at Spirit Lake

    CMU's closest tribe is in the same town as the university, not exactly the same situation as UND/Grand Forks. About one-third of the residents in Mount Pleasant live on reservation land, and the town is effectively surrounded by the reservation. Heck, the casino is only about four miles from CMU.
  3. bisonguy

    2009 Flood

    You can check out ND road conditions here- http://www.dot.nd.gov/roadreport/roadreport/roadreport.asp MN road conditions here- http://www.511mn.org/default.asp?area=statewide I-29 north of Fargo should be better once all this snow stops. If that's the case, I'd recommend I-94 to I-29. The I-94 bridge and the Main Ave bridge will remain open in Fargo. All others have or will be closed tomorrow.
  4. bisonguy

    Future Schedules

  5. bisonguy

    Nickname/Logo Affecting Conference Affiliation

    Hmmmmm.... Four words on the tip of my tongue........ Joel Heitkamp stated a bill was being proposed by a Dickinson legislator (and big UND homer) on the Dan Hammer show back around Jan. 8th. McFeely is obviously far from an investigative reporter, only asking a freshman legislator about a proposed bill.
  6. bisonguy

    KXJB gone! From Directv.

  7. bisonguy

    Nickname/Logo Affecting Conference Affiliation

    Thanks, I just didn't know if I needed one of these or not to read that post: Anyhow, after conversations I've had with Gene and the fact that he had discussed at least two possible games with Buning, I have a difficult time believing that Taylor is so adamantly opposed to scheduling UND. If he had such a grudge against UND, I can't see why UND was invited to the Erv Kaiser Invitational (golf). I think Taylor might know a little something when UND gets the nickname issue fully resolved. Why work out contracts (and well, why not watch UND sweat a little..) when most sports will automatically be playing each other every year most likely in 2011 or 2012?
  8. bisonguy

    Nickname/Logo Affecting Conference Affiliation

    Do you have anything remotely close to a source for these ludicrous accusations, or is it mererly hearsay?
  9. bisonguy

    Future Schedules

    Absolutely a great game for a FCS team in transition! The bolded potion is why many playoff eligible teams are very hesitant on taking a game at Hawaii. The players can easily lose focus and treat the game as a vacation, with possible repercussions later in the season/playoffs. However, while in transition, how many recruits would absolutely love the chance for a free trip to Hawaii?? Nice reward for those student-athletes that are helping build the program during transition, as well.
  10. bisonguy

    Lennon's return to ND

    Austin Peay is funding 60 scholarships this year, CCSU is at either 40 or 42. As far as DI FCS strength of schedule is concerned, there is only one DI football team in ND this year. The same exact reason why Cal-Poly is not playing UND this year, and the same reason why UC-Davis is not playing USD this year. In the FCS playoffs, preference is given to teams that play an exclusively DI schedule. It doesn't matter if it's Valpo or Appalachian State, they're both given more weight when selecting an at-large team than UND this year.
  11. bisonguy

    Brady Trenbeath

    If he actually used a medical his first year, he'll probably be considered a senior. DI rules are a lot more strict, especially with the 4 in 5 rule. If a student-athlete is injured in DI, it seems (at least watching NDSU's situation) that the NCAA requires the student-athlete to use up their redshirt season first. If the redshirt was already used, they may or may not grant a medical redshirt, but it seems like it's more often not. NDSU had more than a couple student-athletes lose a year of eligibility due to the difference in medical redshirts between DII and DI. FWIW-real world example for UND fans would be the OL from SDSU that transferred to UND a year or two ago. His eligibility was gone in DI, but he could still play in DII.
  12. bisonguy

    Lennon's return to ND

    The writer of the article wasn't exactly wrong. Not exactly correct, either. NDSU was a DI transitional school until June 26th, 2008. Not really DII, but not officially DI either. Some refer to it still as DII, some say DI, some say DI transitional. It's a crappy purgatory that will be a distant memory someday. What the school is referred to in that time period will be of little consequence.
  13. bisonguy

    Future Schedules

    The rule has been worded as a two year rolling average for the past couple years, as opposed to the prior wording of 'two preceding years'. From the NCAA DI Manual
  14. bisonguy

    UND Recruiting 2008

    This sort of thing happens all the time. Anybody that thinks other coaches quit contacting prospects after they verbal have their heads stuck in the sand. When the Northern Illinois head coaching position opened up, most of NDSU's verbals from ND, SD, MN, and WI were contacted by up to four other coaching staffs stating that Bohl was leaving for Northern Illinois.
  15. bisonguy

    Lennon gone

    Another tidbit- Lennon coached against Fuchs while he playing at NDSU (90-93).