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radio signal in engelstad


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Bet it's one of those your wife ripped up ant stuck in the rag bag. I lost my Happiness is a Large Gutpile shirt.

NDSU(CKS) ought to be around somewhere.

The funny thing was my mother, who is EXTREMELY conservative, thought it was kind of cute. Of course, she was reading it in the most wholesome way....

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I wish the REA would address this. I was told by some management that they were working on something, but that was the middle of last year and haven't heard since.

Yes... they have a different frequency for inside the arena. Listen to Hennessey's pregame, and he'll mention it a few times. He did last year anyway...

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I think it was either 1988 or 1987 when the "Hump the Huskies" t-shirt came out.  That was a t-shirt you could only really wear at home.

Still have my "Buck the Fison in 92" t-shirt, it's a little small now. The wife must have shrunk it in the wash. :D Only wear that one at home too.

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