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  1. Would this thread even be open if Schmaltz or Jost had stayed another year? Somethings you can't control.
  2. The 2015-16 year was supposed to be a rebuilding year with a new goalie(s) and all the new freshman! Chin up, man.
  3. Might Luke Johnsons injury keep him in our locker room this fall?
  4. I wasn't at the game--just wondering-- what did people think of the nets on the ends; and was the temperature 50 degrees by the ice?
  5. I seem to remember that the Fargodome put something in to boost the radio signal so people could listen to the Bison games-maybe REA could do that.
  6. Has anyone else had a problem with a weak radio signal when watching the Sioux in the ralph? I like to listen to Tim H & company before the game and in between periods. If there is a solution let me know. Thanks-and lets drop the puck and get started!!
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