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You have to admit alot of topics start out Sioux related but turn into a Gopher thread. Some Sioux posters here even complain about it.

So? It also happens on GPL relating primarily to the Sioux and the Badgers. It may be annoying to some, but it certainly is not done by a majority of posters, nor does it reflect an "obsession" as Cardinal and a few other arrogant trolls would like to believe. In fact, many times it is started by Gopher fans who want to get under Sioux fans' skin such as Happy aka Dubay. A lot of threads here also turn into discussions about the NHL, particularly the Wild, or other random topics. Apparently, those also qualify as "obsession" threads if you take Cardinal's argument to its logical extreme.

Again, if you don't like it, ignore it. To some, there cannot be enough Gopher bashing. It certainly is not a one way street.

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I think you would have set the record playing for those Gophers teams.

Probably not.

btw - my comment wasn't intended to defend Briggs in total. His post-season results speak for themselves and as such they were lousy, but that is different than calling him an outright sieve.

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