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  1. T-minus 24 hours until the media starts bashing Dr. Birx.
  2. This is one of the most nonsensical sentences I've ever read.
  3. Trump said he "hopes" to have the country running by Easter. Will it happen? Probably not. But we're really going to be upset with him having hope?
  4. I find people complaining about this thread to be hilarious. Do you guys also go to restaurants that you don't like just to complain about not liking them? The thread title says enter at your own risk. Feel free to just not enter the thread.
  5. LOL. You come on here complaining about Richard Grenell and then accuse others of not adding anything to the discussion.
  6. It's also entirely possible to just not click on this thread if you don't want to read it. Strange concept, I know.
  7. Nothing compares to the 2012 final five against Minnesota. Nothing. And if you think something does compare, then you weren't there.
  8. I guess I missed the part where people on here were celebrating the deaths of these people. Is it not worth discussing the demographics and conditions of the victims?
  9. Also why if mother nature decided to drop a -40 on us for a couple weeks I would welcome it with open arms.
  10. Have a good feeling that if I did, it wouldn't matter to you.
  11. He never called the virus a hoax.
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/03/13/biden-ad-manipulates-video-slam-trump/
  13. Thanks. Girlfriend wanted to join me but I told her we just can't take the risk.
  14. I was going to head to the gym and workout, but just to be safe I think I'll have a beer on my couch.
  15. Obviously the upcoming election needs to be cancelled, right?
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