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  1. I live in the city. I've seen a few ads on tv but really nothing else promoting the Frozen Four. There is quite a Norte Dame following here but I don't know if the fans will come out to support the hockey team. You're right this city is all about the Big Ten and attendance would be better if a Michigan school or Wisconsin made it... but who am I kidding!
  2. I've had issues with NCHC tv every game this year until tonight, it worked flawlessly. My buddy in South Dakota was complaining about poor quality on his end though. It seems like the NCHC and NeuLion still have work to do.
  3. It's not working for me either. I've tried on Apple TV and my computer. No dice. This is the first issue I can think of with NCHC.tv. Talk about poor timing... Hopefully YouTube comes through with a video of the banner raising.
  4. It's been a while since I've been to the Kohl Center. Which zone will the Sioux shoot on twice? It turns out I don't have to work this weekend so I think I'm gonna head up and catch a game or two. Also FYI my cable: Charter Communications in Northern Illinois is showing tonights game on FCS Atlantic on at 7pm according to the channel guide.
  5. I graduated from the aerospace program and no thanks......
  6. Awesome thanks! I like the calendar where it is but I don't have any desktop icons....
  7. Ticketmaster thinks NDSU is playing NIU...
  8. Any information on group tickets for UND fans? I moved back to northern Illinois after being in Grand Forks for almost five years, my Mom is an NIU grad so I want to go to the game for sure! My Dad is a Cal Poly grad and we beat them last year, gotta get the parent's college's sweep by UND. I'll be in Dekalb for the game for sure!
  9. If anyone is selling tickets to the Saturday St. Cloud game upper or lower please PM me. I have family coming to town and need 4 tickets. Thanks!
  10. I have an extra upper bowl ticket for section 306. I had someone bail on the ticket so call me and it's yours. Asking for $20 but I need to get rid of the ticket so give me an offer. Located in Grand Forks. Call my cell 815-997-2427
  11. This is way off topic from what everyone has been posting about lately but I randomly came across this video from UAF. All I have to say is that I hope UND's new intro video is nothing like this! Caution it's cheesy! http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1922316
  12. Any news on a webcast? I'm outside of the USA right now and hoping to find some way to watch the games.
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