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  1. O Town

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    I agree the TE’s need to be envolved much more this year to open things up. I see Fiedler having a big year if he stays healthy. Best blocker, first step and hands of the group. Not the fastest but has the mean streak they need and carries his blocks throught the whistle.
  2. O Town

    2018 Season

    Will definately be there. My kids last year plus the trip to Utah last year was a blast and great Utah fans. How are the Washington fans? Hear its one of the best college atmospheres in the country with the water/boats. Hope the tail gateing is good? UND alumni put on a great one for us last year in Utah. You be sitting with the UND crowd?
  3. O Town

    2019 UND Recruiting

    When I was up there it was a typical Jan. Blizzard. My kid loved it, still has no regrets, and the HPC was under construction. The HPC for sure is a big sell for the program to the recruits. Best indoor practice facility FBS or FCS I've seen to date as far as the field and track. Phase II however is a must for the athletes and coaches.
  4. O Town

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Why don't we have someone of staff that's as QB coach?
  5. O Town

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Can't agree more. Makes no sense. The current TE's are very athletic and not used to there potential. All you hear about is the pro style offense we are using and the TE's are not involved for the most part in the pass offense. Nothing like you see at the next level.
  6. O Town

    Washington Huskies 9-8-18

    No question I plan on being there. Hoping for a large UND tailgating group. Anyone know if there is a UND alumni group in the area that will be setting up a spot?
  7. O Town

    2018 Season

    Very young team. Only one junior on defensive line. Will be interesting if we can match up with them? They might be a top 10 team next year at the start of the season.
  8. O Town

    Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    I can guarantee ever years goal is for a national championship.
  9. O Town

    Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    My understanding is that past Big Sky champions all received rings thru the schools. Even EW got them the same year as co champiions. For those who dont think the rings are a big deal, they are and means alot to the players as a remeberance of the accomplishment down the road. Why did the other programs get rings that year. Bull---- if it comes down to numbers. If one team receives them all team should receive fhem.
  10. O Town

    Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    Not saying it had anything to do with the season as i believe the injuries this season were a big reason for the loses as well as the lack of play calling but the players not geting rings for last years conference championship left a sour taste in there mouths. That goes for all the players. Its bull---- that the school didnt find a way to pay, raise money or allow the players to buy the Rings. Just saying.
  11. O Town


    Long 20 seconds
  12. O Town


    How much time is left in 3rd period?
  13. O Town


    Speaking of rings. Some how the athletic department needs to find a way to fund or get the players rings. !@#!$ season or not the kids deserve it. I can tell you that most of the players if not all were and are upset about it. I bet they are the first big sky champions to not recieve them. Pretty sad a DIV 1 program can't find a way. This will also not help with recuiting the top players thats for sure. The team down south seems to find a way!
  14. O Town

    Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags