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  1. Good source by text from Brady said he broke his leg. Feel bad for the him only 3 games into the season.
  2. Luke is out for the year. Right arm in a cast for a minimum 3 weeks due to ligament damage and cracked bone. !@#!$ way to end senior year and season.
  3. I agree. The TEs on this team are highly underutilized. They have good hands and size so use them. Fiedler dislocated his right wrist on that play. MRI tonight. Hoping for the best as he is needed in the run game for a possible playoff run. Doughtful this weekend. Hope not broken but swollen bad.
  4. A little bias, but loved Luke Fiedler’s tenacity at blocking. Never stops till the whistle blows which wears down the opponent during the game. If anyone watched film I can bet he has the most pancakes of any player these last few years. Remember a play 3 years ago where he blocked a Montana or Montana State DE or LB 30 yards down field and planted him, other player retaliated (pissed off) and got a personnel foul. Kostich said at team meeting you can’t tell me that isnt f——king better than a catch, haha. Came in as a small TE and put on the pounds to become one of the best blocking TEs UND has had, in my mind. He was originally hoping to be more of a receiving TE, but we know that story with the type of play calling. Other than that these Seniors have been a huge part of this growing program, new indoor HPC, School Logo/Name/Mascot and the first Big Sky championship. Gonna be missed for sure.
  5. Agreed! TE's only having 7-8 catches each a season is not acceptable with the talent they have. After the 1st game when Luke had 4 catches I thought the narrative would change? Need to quit calling this a pro-style offense.
  6. O Town


    Ya, Luke had the 4 catches and was thinking the QB might start looking their way this year. He had a couple catches the next 2 games and then it dried up. Cloyd got a couple following those games till the Sac game and finally found him for a TD. Then Luke the last game on the QB scramble. I've been baffled since day one on why they don't use Luke and Cloyd more? They are open often during the games just seems the QB stares down the receivers or forces the throws instead of looking to the other routes/options for a play. These two have great hands and need to be utilized more. Again, pro-style offense as most call it does not hold water.
  7. Luke is #1 still and plays majority on the downs. Not sure I understand why they don't use Luke more on 3rd down sets. Hasn't dropped a pass this year. First few games Luke got a number of throws but has seemed to dry up these last few games. They still do use a lot of 2 TE sets. The last couple blow outs Luke had not played the 2nd halfs as they are trying to get the 3 and 4 guys on the field for experience.
  8. O Town

    Day By Day

    I need to chime in on this one. Over the last couple years Cloyd has dropped alot more passes then Luke (who has not dropped a catch this year) and Luke is far more agressive and a better blocker than Cloyd. I still say Luke has better hands and first step even if he lacks the speed. Cloyd needs to become a more agressive blocker and penalties are killing him this year.
  9. O Town

    Sam Houston

    Luke Fiedler is playing.
  10. O Town

    Sam Houston

    Yes, get the TEs involved to open the passing and running game
  11. I agree the TE’s need to be envolved much more this year to open things up. I see Fiedler having a big year if he stays healthy. Best blocker, first step and hands of the group. Not the fastest but has the mean streak they need and carries his blocks throught the whistle.
  12. O Town

    2018 Season

    Will definately be there. My kids last year plus the trip to Utah last year was a blast and great Utah fans. How are the Washington fans? Hear its one of the best college atmospheres in the country with the water/boats. Hope the tail gateing is good? UND alumni put on a great one for us last year in Utah. You be sitting with the UND crowd?
  13. When I was up there it was a typical Jan. Blizzard. My kid loved it, still has no regrets, and the HPC was under construction. The HPC for sure is a big sell for the program to the recruits. Best indoor practice facility FBS or FCS I've seen to date as far as the field and track. Phase II however is a must for the athletes and coaches.
  14. O Town

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Why don't we have someone of staff that's as QB coach?
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