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  1. I just remember the 70's and 80's. I think in the sixties they probably had white helmets. In the mid 70s to mid 80s it was grey or silver helmets.
  2. Helmet is Gray Color is dark green Green and white stripe helmet
  3. Tangolou

    Bubba extension

    Well first off, I don't think it was a big pay raise. I believe he is starting this contract at the same salary that his last contract ended. Second, I don't disagree that his performance has been underwhelming and sure would have hoped to be farther along the building process by now but what would you have preferred Chaves do? I don't think there was any chance of firing a coach after a playoff season. I think the only thing they could have done was let him coach this year on a "win a playoff game or you're done" scenario. I'm not saying you're wrong but I don't think there were a lot of options.
  4. I thought playing for the Bison was the top of the football mountain?? Huh, who knew?? #BISONPRIDEUNTILIFINDSOMETHINGBETTER
  5. I don't know anything about the new QB's coming in but what I saw from Schuster last year was impressive, although it was a very small sample. On his short TD pass against Sam Houston he looked to his right, moved the safety and quickly threw back to his left on a slant for the touchdown. It might have been unintentional but it looked like he knew what he was doing. I have a suspicion that he will turn out to be a good one.
  6. I have never skated in my life and now my son is playing youth hockey. This is by far my worst fear. There is no other sport in which the all participants are carrying knives. I know it's rare but it's my worst fear every time he takes the ice. Prayers for this young man.
  7. This is spot on. The most accurate thing said on this site in a long time. Bubba made two changes last year that improved the team. He needs to make another one this year...
  8. Does this knowledge come from experience?
  9. According to the ladies, "real quick" is kind of your thing...
  10. Tangolou

    Montana St GDT

    Too many fans assume this is a coaches decision. It is not. The student athlete will decide if he plays or not. Maybe Holm is prepared to graduate and move on to the next step in life. Maybe he wants to only play 4 games and play another year. Maybe he wants to run the tilt-a-whrill at a travel carnival show. None of us know what will happen or have any say in what happens next. It's his decision and no one else...
  11. Deboer has UND connections (worked for Dale Lennon) and also did absolutely nothing as the offensive coordinator at SIU... For what it's worth I think he was probably the better choice to follow Muss but that's hindsight now. At the time I had no idea. These things are not that easy. If we want to have a top tier program we need to fund it like the top teams do. I'm guessing UND hockey is funded at the top of college hockey.
  12. I disagree that this is the reason we are struggling. All college football programs hire coaches with connections. (except maybe the top 5 in FBS where they have the funds to hire who ever they want). The program to the south hired from within. The only coach in the last 30 years without having previously coached at NDSU was Bob Babich and that didn't work out very well.
  13. Tangolou


    If I had to sum up this team in one word it would be WEAK. Both physically and mentally...WEAK!
  14. One thing I noticed was how valuable Galvin is at safety. His loss made a difference..
  15. Tangolou

    We got lucky

    I believe they scored at TD after the Larson pick?
  16. Tangolou

    2019 Season

    I agree with most of what you said except for the bold parts. As far as making adjustments, they have actually out coached their opponent in the second half in all but one game. That is something I haven't seen the last couple of seasons so I view this coaching staffs adjustments to be one of the few positives for this season. As far as not knowing how to use TE's. This staff has not had a good TE since Adler and he was a Mussman hold over. They deserve a poor grade for TE recruitment/development but it's hard to utilize something that simply is not good. Offensive line and tight end has been a big swing and a miss for this staff...
  17. Tangolou

    EWU Game Day!

    This is unfortunately true... 6 years into the Bubba era and I can only think of 1 position group that is actually better than it was with the previous staff and that is cornerback. My question is why? A. Not able to land the better recruits? B. Not identifying which recuits are actually better than others? C. Not Developing the recuits they get? D. All the above? The fact is that the QB position has been bad for a long time here. Even more obvious is the offensive and defensive lines have been very weak. We need bigger, stronger linemen. I am so tired of watching this same problem continue year after year...
  18. I knew this quote was from you even before I checked to see who the author was. What does that say about your playbook RUDY???
  19. I think there is a little creative accounting in that $300,000,000 number. The marketing of the spirit campaign made it seem as though UND started at zero and then a couple years later had 300 million in the bank. I believe the REA gift which had already been completed was counted in that number, so approximately 110 million head start. It was still a very successful fund raising effort but maybe not quite as it seems.
  20. The most valuable coach in Fargo has been their strength coach, and it's not even close ..
  21. I guess my point is that I have never met a coach who isn't trying to win. I believe that every decision by Bubba to go for it or not is based on what HE believes is the best chance to win. The criticism should be that he lacks proper judgement not guts. Les Miles had guts and he got fired for it. It goes both ways.
  22. That is exactly my point. The reason to criticize a coach is because you actually get to fourth down.
  23. Of the plethora of poor coaching attributes you could hang on Bubba, you continually bring up the dumbest one, why? It's so easily debunked with stats. 4th down conversions rate. NDSU 5/6 Alabama 4/9 UND 5/14 We aren't where we need to be as a football program because we have failed to recruit, retain and develop dominant OL,WR's and QB's. We failed to put our best weapons in positions to succeed. All of these things are on the head coach. That's why we are in this position, not because we don't GO FOR IT on fourth down...Oh and Hawaii Is 19/35. When I think of great coaches, I think of what's his name from Hawaii, screw Nick Saban, he's a pussy....
  24. This^^^^. I hate it when I hear coaches say after giving up a big return, "well our kick placement wasn't quite where we wanted it." Just kick the damn ball as far as you can, run down and tackle the guy with the ball. (i.e. with you shoulder AND your arms). It's not that complicated. If you need more than one page to show your kick coverage and punt block formations, you're overthinking it. There are plenty of all pro special teams players in the NFL that can't even read. "Hit the guy in front of you, ready.. GO!"
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