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  1. This one should get your blood flowing today.
  2. Brad Marchands ends it for the Bruins.
  3. We have a weather delay in Frisco.
  4. Jarry is looking shaky/leaky. As I type this the dirty Pens score.
  5. Parise has had an impressive career.
  6. Crosby - Pittsburgh Kaprizov - Minnesota Point -Tampa McDavid - Edmonton Aho - Carolina Marchand -Pittsburgh Makar - Colorado Barrie - Edmonton Weegar - Florida McAvoy - Boston
  7. Nelson has scored (18g-15a--33pts) in 56 games, he's also a minus-5.
  8. The Townhouse is no longer. I almost took a picture of it yesterday when I drove past it. I am kind of sad, no more beers in Muddy Rivers.
  9. I am not sure how that makes UND look bad. First, there's no one player bigger than the program. UND has a solid d-core returning, two players that could be in the NHL when their sophomore season ends. Ethan Frisch is a solid two-day d-man. Also, I trust the coaching staff on this one. I heard this kid didn't fit into the UND culture, I'll trust Berry and staff.
  10. Apparently, my nephew Mitchell knows this kid, he's from Rogers. Sounds like we're getting a good player.
  11. I think it's better to end it now. No one is going to take them into their conference.
  12. So, should the Hawks go for it on 4th and inches?
  13. I’ve never seen a guys blow up his groin like that. Wow! Looked painful.
  14. Not luck, the Hawks need to learn how to play on the road. They have to build a culture of winning in the road. Also. They’re getting killed physically. It’s not even close. They’ve made huge strides this season. However, they have a long ways to go. They need to tighten up and go get it.
  15. I wouldn't look at a bloggers prediction as being bulletin board material. This matchup has me anxious. Can't wait for some Sunday night FCS football.
  16. The Neon ones are a hair better than the white ones.
  17. Didn't someone say this was on ESPN2? With that said, the ESPN streaming app works great on my TV.
  18. I'll be honest, I really loved spring football. It was kind of neat.
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