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  1. Congrats to Misssster mcfeels, poor guy has had to chortle alot of leftwing twincity testicle to get this far in life. Hes finally making a little headway into his dreamjob market, darn shame the entire industy is a sinking ship, on fire,......... probly has the rona too at this point.
  2. Lets be hinest here, there's literally nothing about you that is swift.
  3. Maybe ...he was ahead of his time, with his body so riddled with the roids... does Rona stand a chance?
  4. Agree, that is a important note to consider. With potential shutdowns and cancellations along with eligibility extentions, I think there will be massive movements of commitments in the future.
  5. Why would anyone answer a poll and tell people they are voting for trump... Thats just feeding into them and I dont doubt for a second they intend to use that info to target people if they get power. Maybe im crazy... Its not like they have ever done anything like weaponize federal agencies to target conservatives before............ wait.
  6. exactly now the mental gymnastics include a belief in a one way magic forcefield of expelled protections. NEW LOGIC: Mask will stop an asymptomatic carrier from spreading but not protect a wearer from acquiring.... simple logic will tell you then that is not a possible outcome.
  7. So now the goal posts are moved again... punting the benefits into the wind. So now mask mandates will totally work to solve everything.... (as per every Karen on the bookface).... except for places where they actually are mandated like LTCFs then they dont, but mask totally do work at schools but we need to keep the kids away anyway because.. wait what was the point... got lost in the mental gymnastics there... Oh... point is masks must be mandated because: they only work a little bit if a person is asymptomatic and thebmask is made of exactly the right materials and worn perfectly..... and proper mask hygiene and protocols are used. Even a year ago we couldnt make this level of stupidity up. TDS has caused the left to rely on the loss of human common sense in the overt readiness to bend humanity into anything that gets their power back.
  8. Mark, demonstrating the proper technique for dealing with an Andytifa Legend has it that Mess of teeth has the same effectiveness in stopping soup as a mask stopping rona particles.
  9. Damn.... this would be hilarious... if it wasn't all 100% true and not the "alleged" front runner for POTUS. Literally the Dem canidate could and should be tried for treason.
  10. You are sheeple just bing controlled and used, they will never do anything but play you and use you for their power. Taking a look at hypocritical gong show mockery that is a day in the life of #Heelsup... She packs up a group of people into small spaces.... and moves down the hall from the actual hearings ...in order to produce a spectacle at the actual hearings.... Surely this is a LFMOLBCDF and not true... I mean there would never be video of such a thing as proof... ahhhhsheeeet there is... better just add a few ROLFLS on the end of a completely defeated post.
  11. The look on your face when reading a heydouche post and realizing there ARE people that unintelligent in the world.
  12. For the slower viewers. This is a picture of Hunter Biden with what appears to be a meth/crack pipe that he kept on his own computer. Genetic Intellectual Giant this one is.
  13. Do you libtard apologists not understand that YOU ARE NOT on the same team as these people. You mean nothing to them except as a means to more power. They do not care about you or anything other than their own power and gaining more. The blatant and clear hypocrisy was unbelievable today. Pelosi going six shades of batshit on Wolf Blitzer... The utter smoking gun of a sitting VPs selling tbe US out for straight up cash for his family....
  14. The levels of social media silencing that is happening should have people seriously concerned and the escalation could trigger a very real conflict situation.
  15. This is the most disgusting and unsettling post I have ever liked. Ever.
  16. Excellent..... NOT ONE person on the left or running for office has put forward even a hint to as how they would have or will do to recover from this (their) mess.
  17. How exactly .......would having a senile dementia riddled pedo serve for 30 days begore being removed by the 25th Amendment and a leftist whore who recieved only 1% support from her own party sworn in..... bring anything that resembles respect to the office of POTUS?
  18. Most viewers, basically will come down to which campaign has more bot farms engaged.
  19. tagger.... punk as skinny jean wanna be hipster pretend gangbanger with a spay paint can who paints gang signs or symbols on buildings and such. Just generally a useless piece of !@#$ in a society, that costs business and property owners unneeded expenses.
  20. Remember the times motto though... "If we print it enough, it might come true"
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