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  1. I am an uncle to Noah Wanzek, you know, one of the big slow “White” WR’s, who can’t separate (not sure how he caught 74 balls this year) but who gave it his all for 4 years and who basically played with one arm Saturday. He found out today he played with a separated shoulder and fractured collarbone. Might had something to do with his separation problem. You know, he’s the one who doesn’t have any athleticism, never mind his 22’ long jump & 43’ triple jump in HS and being named a ND Mr. basketball finalist. Oh yea, he is also one of the WR who is not a D1 talent, according to this blog, yet he’s ranked high in UND’s all time WR record books. Heck, he even beat Kenny Gollady’s season receptions record. I’ve always suspected a subtle hint of racial profiling on this blog, not being black, you know he can’t be that good! Now, it being a race problem actually has been said here by some. Disgusting! We have guys on the team with a ton of speed, but few catches. Speed is obviously helpful but it takes more than just speed to be a good wide receiver. I never followed this blog until Noah went to UND and will probably not follow it anymore. But a word of advice, parents and other family members can read too! Good luck to the Hawks into the future!
  2. He is growing it out in honor of his mother who died 5 years ago from pancreatic cancer. He started at beginning of season. He’s vowed to not cut until end of season. Let’s hope it grows some more !
  3. The Fan

    On to Cal Poly

    Okay, I’ll probably regret weighing in, but I feel compelled. I don’t necessarily disagree with your thoughts. I too am terribly disappointed in our teams performance. I had higher expectations. However your negative comments towards Noah are unwarranted! I know Noah well, and there is nobody more competitive than Noah. He hates to lose. And he did “show you” with his individual performance and focus. 6 catches, one a highlight diving catch, 124 yards, 1 td. Almost had 2 tds. But throw was a bit late and he got targeted and drilled on the 2nd td opportunity, helmet flying 10 feet in the air, nearly breaking his nose(swollen and purple) and 5 stitches in his chin. Defender is thrown out of the game. And yet he comes back out on the field to compete and scores a td. Are you telling him that is not focus, that’s not effort or leadership by example?
  4. When Noah Wanzek was a 15-year-old, he placed second in the nation in the NFL’s punt pass and kick. He also was an all conference/ all state punter In high school. He averaged in the 40s. In one game against Minot High, he hit a 72 yard booming punt. Just saying.
  5. The Fan

    2019 Season

    Don’t necessarily disagree but I think you missed some; Larson, Wanzek, Canady, JJ, Toivonen to name a few. They have all put up respectable numbers playing in the same league as the top 10 teams do.
  6. Yes, I am new enough to not know that I broke the rules! My two oldest children are Sioux graduates. I should’ve asked them first Sorry.
  7. Golladay 2 years UND had 507 completions amongst 14 different receivers Golladay 99/507=19.53% of completions Wanzek 2 years UND had 348 completions amongst 14 different receivers Wanzek 77/348=22.13% of completions I’m just stating facts Someone mentioned our receivers are horrible. If you throw 207 more times, like Golladay years, there stats’s would be right up there. And our # 2,3 & 4 receivers are out yesterday. That has an impact on the game. I’m not implying anything more than that. And I’m not the one who brought Golladay comparison up. Others did. I’m Just stating facts.
  8. If Golladay is the measuring stick for productive WR’s FYI Kenny Golladay’s first 2 yearsUND threw 827 timesGolladay-99 catches or 11.9 % of UND totalGolladay - 9 TD or 1.09% per UND throwGolladay -1313 yds or 1.59 yds per UND throwWanzek first 2 yearsUND threw 620 timesWanzek- 77 catches or 12.42% of UND totalWanzek- 8 TD or 1.29% per UND throwWanzek- 1015 yds or 1.64 yds per UND throw
  9. The Fan

    2018 Season

    Helgren?? Wanzek-concussion, Maag-hamstring, JJ-foot Noah seems to be ok according to his dad
  10. Very disappointing! I am so frustrated with this season. We continue to beat ourselves!
  11. JJ’s 90 yarder was very impressive! He looks fast for a 250 lb’r!
  12. Agree. They deserve a lot of credit.
  13. At15 years old Wanzek placed 2nd in the nation in punt pass and kick. It would make more sense having him kick then catching punts.
  14. The Fan

    Day By Day

    I agree. Odds are the catch would have been difficult as Noah was covered. But he had nearly 10 more yards to the back of the end zone to work with. To give him a chance you have to throw up a jump ball. Noah was a ND mr basketball candidate dunking the ball many times with a 38” vertical and 6’4” with long arms. One of his final high school basketball games against Dickinson he had 18 rebounds against 7’ Jordan Meidinger now with NDSU. They are not using his skills right. And he has proven he has good hands. He didn’t even have a chance at that ball.
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