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  1. I have a feeling. So I'll be looking for Weatherby to have a big weekend and pick up some of Pinto's slack tonight.
  2. I was able to get eight together in the lower bowl right at 10, but I had to move to the second period end. I'm alright with that. I'm happy with my seats! On the aisle, right in the middle of 102!
  3. I bet Jeff Dubay’s crack pipe is earning it’s money tonight!
  4. These are the weekends where you see what you're made of when the program appears to be rebounding after a couple dismal years. Conference play against a not very good squad. Will it be foot on throat? Or will it be believe the hype? I say we sweep.
  5. After a promising freshman campaign, I need to see Weatherby start putting his stamp on some games. It starts tonight.
  6. Credit Tech. They’re schooling us in the neutral zone.
  7. Boogieman

    Kato GDT

    Fire. Hennessy pre-game. Old-Fashioned! 5-2 green.
  8. Radio moves to 100.3 FM in GF tomorrow night, as Bubba’s squad has precedence on 96.1
  9. One thing to watch as the season progresses: Mismash looks like he gives a rip this year (so far). Couldn’t say that last year. Could be the difference maker.
  10. Gave up a two goal lead twice. Can’t do that and win. But, with where we’ve been the last couple years, I’ll take hanging four and a tie with #2 in their building.
  11. Supposed to be a pretty nice, calm evening on Saturday night in GF. I think I'll go with the backyard firepit. Tim Hennessy on the Radio. And a few Old-Fashioneds in the glass.
  12. I like this! I happen to know the music man. I have planted a seed.
  13. Done. Pretty tough to play against your own head coach.
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