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  1. I’m shocked. I’m in downtown St. Paul. Between The Liffey and McGovern’s, no one can get the game. You all are LIARS!!!
  2. Sno, I guess I won't be using my Wild tickets tomorrow night
  3. 25. 25 is how many more goals this team would have this year I’d someone would just teach them the one-timer...
  4. If that’s the case, and as college hockey goes, Penn St. would to have some guts to make a request like that.
  5. Yes. The guy knew hockey. Bad people person.
  6. No question. When I played for a certain coach at Central back in the late 80's/early 90's, he said some stuff to us in the locker room and on the ice that would make your head spin. We never thought anything of it. Sadly, most of us would bust up laughing as soon as he left the room. It's just not like that anymore. It goes beyond "knowing your audience."
  7. If memory serves, they’ll credit the amount towards your season tickets next year. That’s how they did it last time. If you don’t plan to renew next year, then I guess I don’t know.
  8. Sitting in DJ’s Dugout in Omaha having a cold IPA. Drove down from GF today with my 15 and 12 year old so they could attend the Panic! At The Disco concert tonight. Not my cup of tea, but a few more beers and a UND win tonight will do me some good! Poolman or no, I think we found something last Saturday. Green sweeps 4-2 with an empty netter tonight, and 4-1 tomorrow.
  9. That was the most 80’s kick the leg out glove save I’ve seen since the 80’s!!
  10. No, according to Berry after the game, we’re waiting for puck luck to run its course before we move on to the next remedy...
  11. Brutally honest opinions usually are unpopular. I don’t know if it’s an issue. I’ve not been a big Shaw hater, but he’s not on my list of players I’ll be sorry to see go either. There was a time two seasons ago where I tried to make a case on this forum that, at the time, Gage Ausmus was more of a liability at the position than Hayden Shaw was. I thought Ausmus was not good at all his senior year. Christian Wolanin went through stretches last year when he was absolutely a liability at defense. And maybe all that stuff is just harder to see when the team is doing well. But then you throw Brian Lee, and to a lesser extent, Jordan Schmaltz (sorry, he didn’t impress me for all the hype) in there and it shoots every theory all to heck. I don’t disagree with your assessment on Poolman at all. I was telling Mrs. Boogieman last weekend that I sure do miss having a Greene or MacWilliam type D-man on the roster. But with the way the game is governed anymore, I don’t know if hockey players like that are welcome in the NCAA these days...
  12. Hope Kierstad was taking notes from Bast on how to bury it on gaping net...
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