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  1. Ran the 1/2 marathon in GF this morn. Had a post race beer. Now a nap, and up for kickoff, and more beer! Go Hawks! I feel good about Hawks chances today.
  2. Hawks D better than expected. Freud showcases new O. UND’s often criticized special teams kicks field goal to win. UND 30 ndsu 28 Go Hawks!!
  3. sodaksioux

    2018 Season

    Maybe I missed this somewhere in the forum, but what day does fall camp start?
  4. sodaksioux

    Game Day at PSU

    Can you get the game on Pluto TV? I am not seeing it, UNDsports listed it on ch. 240, but its not listed on Pluto.
  5. sodaksioux

    2017 Season

    The wife and I decided to jump in and bought season tickets this morning. Can't wait for the season to start!
  6. Unfortunately, it is only one sports fans as well. I used to be one of those people, but after seeing folks like Bubba leading the charge to accept the new name, I am on board with the new name and logo. I still wish we had a slightly more inspiring nickname, but it is what it is and we are stuck with it, so we may as well embrace it.
  7. I heard the "Let's go Hawks" chant on tv as well. I have to admit, I thought the logo looked pretty good on national tv last night. It is starting to grow on me. It was also nice that the national announcers never had to mention any nickname issues.
  8. I attended two games in GF this year and watched several on the computer at home. It was the first time in over 20 years that I watched any UND basketball. I have to admit, it was a good time to get aboard the bandwagon. What a great year. A very classy bunch of young men. It was always cool to see the player's interact with the kids at the Betty. Last night was fun, I am already looking forward to next year. Thank you Hooker and Baldwin for your great career's.
  9. FWIW, it looks like I will make it to the Ralph in time for that puck drop. I left Ogden, UT in the truck yesterday at 4:30 pm and I am just getting to Minot. I am starting to see Hawks fighting on the side of the road. Must be a good sign. See y'all in a few hours. Go Hawks!!!
  10. I moved back to ND about 6 years ago, never changed my name on here. I lived in Hecla, north of Aberdeen.
  11. Heading to GF from the Bottineau area in about an hour. It's finally game day. Go Hawks!!
  12. Did anyone notice the lengthy conversation between Boeser and Canisius coach in the handshake line? It appeared it was not cordial? Anyone have any insight? Boeser looked like a caged tiger in the penalty box in the third period.
  13. I will be in town tomorrow morning and I was looking check out a football practice, is it open to the public? If so, are the bleachers open on the west side?
  14. Section 303 Row G, staying at Hilton Garden Inn Airport Westshore. Planning on a taxi ride to get downtown.
  15. 2 tickets to every game, including the playoff series, complete ticket package. Section 302, Row J, Seats 11 & 12 $780.00, this is face value of what I paid from UND ticket office. I live near Bottineau, ND, if you are interested, we can make arrangements. PM me if interested.
  16. I had to listen on the internet last night. This is the first time in 5 years I am not at Final Five. It gave me goose bumps to hear the explosion of Sioux fans when Kristo scored. Those of you going tonight, keep REA South loud!!! GO SIOUX!!
  17. Anyone in Brunswick, GA area??
  18. Anyone else having trouble with the internet feed? It won't play continuously.
  19. We might as well get rid of all checking in college hockey. If Wehrs doesn't turtle, he just gets run over, once again WCHA rears its ugly head, I hope I get to watch Frattin put some hits like this on Denver. I hope this fires up the boys and take care of business on Thursday eve.
  20. Still on baord and not going anywhere. I am looking forward to getting to see the Sioux play three times in St. Paul and win 3 games in St. Paul. It seems like Hak's teams play better when they are desprate. Last year after securing the McNaughton, they went to sleep, 1 goal at the Final Five, it was horrible. Maybe we can put a run together just a little later in the year, a run all the way to April.
  21. I think the game is too fast for these referees, it seems as though they are calling penalties based on how a player falls, not on the action that causes the fall, I know this is diving, but legitimate penalties are missed and the wrong players are being called for the penalties. I realize the nature of the game will allow for penalties to be missed and I don't have an answer for this. CFB will happen, injusries will happen, but when the officials are influencing the outcomes of these games, something should be addressed. The scrum at the end of the Sioux/UW last saturday was purely a product of poor officiating.
  22. Fist time I got to watch Oshie was last night, and I wasn't able to watch until the 3rd period, but I thought he played real well for missing a lot of games this season. He got some overtime minutes as well on the ice against Lidstrom and Datsyuk. Announcers even gave a nice shout-out to UND. Keep it up Osh
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