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  1. I'm with you on this one, it's a no-brainer living in Fargo to attend. it would really be unfortunate if UND isn't there, but I've resigned to the fact that if they don't make it, I'll be able to watch some quality NCAA Hockey and see some team punch their ticket for Buffalo. For this reason I have been watching a lot more Pig 10 hockey as one of them may get to Fargo. Chances are good if they make it that Denver, St. Cloud or Duluth will be seeded at Scheels; possibly even two teams if the seedings work out right for integrity. Minnesota State or Bowling Green could get here too. I'm
  2. In other words, this UND needs a finish similar to what strong teams accomplished in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015, and 2016. While not impossible, certainly highly improbable.
  3. Schloss calls for a split but if there was ever a time a sweep was needed, this is it. This team is running out of chances and .500 hockey isn't going to get it done. It will be good to be back at home with students in the house. 2-2 tie, 3-1 win
  4. Can't be "regular" BBQ sauce though like anything we've ever had. I also don't get much of a Buffalo Sauce (garlicy-zing type flavor) that we know and love. There is a cumin component to Shark Sauce, combined with some sweetness. Butter/Brown Sugar/Garlic/Cumin and probably a bunch of other stuff. I'm a cotton-headed ninnymuggins for trying to figure it out. Regardless, IMO Shark Sauce Wings are the best wings in the state of North Dakota and it's not even close.
  5. 22 in Pairwise. This weekend will be the dagger.
  6. At this rate: #6 seed in NCHC, road trip in first round, likely a loss to a superior team. Season could be over by mid-March this year.
  7. The Golden Freakin Griffens, guys. I’m, just...wow.
  8. 21 in Pairwise...oof. pretty much makes the St Cloud series, at Denver series, and at W. Michigan series must wins. that, or win the whole &$*%! thing in St. Paul.
  9. I remember this feeling...it was being down 3-1 to Anchorage at home six weeks ago.
  10. The team deserved a better fate last night. Yes, some things could have been done better by a few players but with all the scratches considered, it was an encouraging weekend. UND goes back to Denver Super Bowl weekend and they need to get three points back now. UND could be returning back to Denver again in mid-March. It’s going to be a dogfight for home ice.
  11. I find these juvenile, silly, and completely comical. We need more of this. Have to love this rivalry (8 vs. 8) and can’t wait to be at The Ralph Saturday night.
  12. Super big win. Nice to prove they can beat a quality team on the road.
  13. Great effort tonight, boys. 92 seconds to go.
  14. Last night Davies had stronger tools - more size and speed than South. Z. Sandy (Soph.) in goal for FS/Shan held his own until the flood gates opened in the 2nd period. Davies has some skill - even with the loss of Kleven. Davies will be playing in the state tourney in Fargo and have the look of a top three team out east. Whether or not they can crack the code and leapfrog RR is the question. It appears South/Shan will be in the hunt for a trip to state as a #4 seed. Let's see how the dust settles in mid-Feb.
  15. Unreal atmosphere in here. It has come alive. Probably the best I have seen/heard with students out of the building.
  16. Winless this year with Jones out of the lineup. The guys have to find a way around this tonight.
  17. I think Schloss has this right, 2-1, 2-0 or something along those lines. Just get the Ws.
  18. I'm already sick of eating leftovers and I don't go shopping today. Let's discuss tonight's game, get the boys off the schneid and get a sweep so we can see a traditional circle of sticks! So let's go, the heater's on and my gas mileage isn't getting any better.
  19. 18:38 left in second - “hot goalie” -Jake from State Farm
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