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  1. Big series in Mankato Here is TV information - looks like $12.50 for the month https://www.flohockey.tv/signup?redirect=%2Flive%2F16993
  2. I love the fact that the banners have historically correct logos on them. As far as where they are hung and complaining about it....wow, talk about your first world problems.
  3. Every year since 2006, a #4 has beaten a #1. I am surprised more didn’t pick Providence over Minnesota State as tr gamenis in Providence. Tough call for me but I have the Purple Cows going to Buffalo.
  4. Frozen Four: Ohio State / Notre Dame / Minnesota State / Minnesota Duluth
  5. They moved it to Sunday night to give some conferences (Big Ten mostly) the option to play their conference title game on a Sunday afternoon.
  6. I will still be at Regionals, watching the sport I love—College Hockey—in my own backyard. What I do hope for is two NCHC teams playing in Fargo. While I would root for #16 to beat SCSU, I would at least be entertained by a Denver-SCSU regional final.
  7. Franks in 52nd usually draws a good Sioux crowd. Owner is a proud UND alum.
  8. 1-0 UND (in OT) tonight, 3-0 Denver Saturday and 2-1 UND win Sunday. Two years ago I was in the south on a business trip when UND beat Denver 1-0 in NCHC semifinals on Friday night of St. Patty’s Day Weekend. I say history repeats itself tonight. Will be fun at sports bar down here with Duke vs Carolina on the side whilst I watch college hockey. Other picks: Duluth, SCSU, and CC advance this weekend.
  9. Good move by MidCo if they pick it up. They probably set aside the block for programming so it only makes sense to fill the hole with this coverage, especially since they promote this as their “Championship Season” time of year.
  10. Good to know, thanks for the update.
  11. Pretty sure I know the answer, as I caught the ‘so long folks’ sign off on Saturday Night on MidCo but I am guessing they are not televising NCHC First Round in Denver? Has anyone else seen/heard any other reports of TV options or is it NCHC.tv only? CBSSN has never televised this round of the playoffs. It’s never been an issue of course because we have ‘always’ had FSSN or MidCo. I will be out of the area so internets will be my only option but I thought I would ask for the benefit of other fans who may be curious.
  12. This one is destined to go three. I wish it were in Grand Forks, but it’s always fun to see these rivals meet up in the postseason.
  13. Here’s hoping that large UND fan base in Colorado fills Magness up. It’s St. Patty’s Day Weekend so wear some green and represent in the Mile High City.
  14. Mismash listed as 19th skater - may be seen on PP?
  15. The regular season road ends this weekend with home ice chances hanging by a thread. Counting on the Boys starting off strong and earning a W tonight, 3-1. (And go Redhawks)
  16. Totally get this...but if UND goes 1-1 next week, 2-1 the next, and 1-1 the week after they could still be in the hunt. Point being, if UND gets to St. Paul they are likely the only team playing with their season on the line. Something to be said for that.
  17. There are bound to be a few of us along the Red River who have a shared interest in this event. East Side poised for another run in “A” and Moorhead with a tough draw in the first round vs U of M Prep, er, Edina in “AA”. Always enjoyable to watch it unfold from the X.
  18. Big IF but does winning a game in St. Paul boost our standing in this hypothetical game? follow the IFs here..if UND wins a first round series vs W Mich, it will likely draw St. Cloud — assuming Denver and Duluth survive. The Huskies are much better than us this year but in a one game situation (where UND has more to play for), anything is possible. Would a win over #1 SCSU give us the at-large lift we need, especially if the chalk (favorites) win other conference tournaments? Could this be our .0001 opportunity?
  19. Denver’s win, couples by UND’s loss, leaves a black cloud over our heads as the boys will be on the road in two weeks. It’s become a place to commiserate and wallow in the muck of mediocrity.
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