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  1. CBSSN coverage is always good IMO. Those rapid fire intermission questions fell flat through. Denver’s coach Carle didn’t come across as a very charismatic individual. Bill Belicheck is a whirling dervish compared to him.
  2. Another hard fought, evenly matched struggle with DU. Let’s keep it going and finish.
  3. Let’s start the weekend off right with the boys keeping up the Penrose pace. UND 2, DU 1
  4. 1. Minnesota - I think it all started with Mazako and Woog and their elitist bull$h!t. 2. St. Clown - wannabe institution and their fans/program seem to think they are among NCAA’s best. A few years back in a press release they edited out the Sioux logo on the front of a jersey to make a political point. People don’t forget. 3. Michigan - see Frozen Four 2011, still the toughest loss I have endured as a fan. That and what seemed like Red’s refusal time schedule regular season games with UND i should “hate” Denver and Duluth but I don’t. They are programs I respect as they f
  5. You will get no argument from me. He is almost impossible to get past. South/Shanley could go far with him between the pipes. 3-0 Bruins final by the way. Looking strong for a top two seed.
  6. 3-0 South/Shanley through two. Shots tightening at 19-16 in favor of Bruins. Zach Sandy strong in net - nice goalie.
  7. Davies hosting South/Shanley tonight at FU Arena. South’s speed showing up as they lead 1-0 after one. Shots: 12-5 in favor of Bruins.
  8. This is encouraging to say the least - St Cloud, Omaha series will be key road trips to end the year.
  9. Selling three tickets - Section 314, Row D for February 1st game vs. Colorado College Students are back, team is rolling and it's a conference game when they matter most. Nice seats in a fan-friendly location - close access to North End Club Bar Tickets can be sent electronically 3 for $100 or best offer- $49 face value
  10. Hain, Sendin, Smith line clicks tonight. Thome solid it net. 4-1 for our boys. “we’re on to Duluth.”
  11. Solid effort last night by South/Shanley. Central outshot the Bruins but South’s goalie made some great saves and South hung around the whole game - even went up 3-1 in the second. www.ShanleyTV.com has archived replay of the game they streamed live if anyone wants to watch the recap.
  12. I have to admit I am thinking along the lines with Schloss on this one - I've been thinking all week that it could be a split but in the end, they stay "unbeaten" at home. Friday: 1-1 Tie (UNO gets 3x3 point) Saturday: 4-1 UND
  13. 3-0 UND on Friday. I think more goals will be scored on Saturday night. This is when hockey starts to get fun, I love it.
  14. Great coverage NHL Network - good storytelling about Pinto/Berry/North Dakota Hockey
  15. Lawson Lunatics VERY audible in background of TH’s call
  16. Anyone aware of the team’s travel plans? My hope is that they are leaving early Wednesday, hopefully once this storm moves out of the Twin Cities.
  17. Watching game on MidCo tonight. Great to have this coverage from Denver. By the way, does anyone know if USD’s women won the conference volleyball title? Did they win it outright?
  18. Really, really appreciated this last night. Thanks so very much for posting this link! These two play a lot of low-scoring games and this was one that was fun to watch.
  19. 1-1 tie, UND gets the extra point in overtime. DU games usually seem to be struggles. I hope the road warriors get to play their style of game and maintain their offensive edge.
  20. Considering their coach looks like Malachai from Children of the Corn, I wouldn’t get too cute with movie posters.
  21. UND takes the trip out west coming off of a home sweep vs. Miami. Denver appears to be the early season conference favorite. This very big early season NCHC series starts Friday with UND looking to make a statement.
  22. Now THAT is a recipe I may have to consider myself. Ah, the dulcet tones of TH on a crisp autumn/winter evening.
  23. 3:56 A.M. - is that when Mettler's closes?
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