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  1. I do know he said if they changed it he would leave the REA a skeleton during construction. So I think IMO he was on the fence leaning a little bit for the nickname.
  2. Anyone know what the largest crowd for a Sioux game at the Alerus is?? I think its UND-NDSU but i could be wrong. Anyways I can't make the game but my butt will be in front of the tv watching it from my living room irritating my Bison neighbors. HAHA!!
  3. I am sure they like to leave Alaska alone because I think Myles Brand has some oil rights up there so he gets his gas for free. So Nanooks are okay.
  4. That would be a cool basement. I am known as the "Sioux Fan" on my block as my neighbor has a big Bison flag in his front yard and the guy across the street has a van that is decorated with the words Thundering Herd on it. So to have a "Sioux" basement is really cool, i am not so lucky as my wife is a Bison fan except for Sioux hockey.
  5. Why is Omaha higher than the Sioux??? UND is #2 in the country beat a I-AA team on the road. Why are they ahead who has Omaha beat that makes them higher than the Sioux.
  6. Does that include Vikings too? I guess you can offend Scandinavia.
  7. Fighting Sioux forever!!! Yes it should stay and the protesters can go!!!
  8. I think the first step to improve the Indian-non Indian relations should be to get rid of reservations all together. Reservations (as i remember from history class) was created to keep Indians on a certain piece of land and for them not to leave it, well i would think almost 200 years later they should be able to get rid of the reservations since they are free to roam around the country like everyone else. But why shouldn't we (the rest of the state) have the right to put casinos off of the rez?? Why should Indians ( i mean certain Indians) get the right to all that money that comes in. Thats why on the rez only a few have wealth while the rest of the tribe don't get sh-t from the casinos, where as if the casinos were owned by the state then the whole state prospers like the lottery. As for school nicknames why can Mandan and Belcourt be the Braves but UND can't be the Sioux. Is it because its not on a reservation?? All you hear is people are not mascots then why do native american schools have native american nicknames? If its wrong outside the rez why is it right on the rez? If they said fine all schools will not have Indian nicknames including native american schools then you will see protests. And they don't have to attend UND if they don't like it, there are other schools in the state and country they can go to for free or almost free, go there if you don't like the Sioux, but i think its mostly the people who just want their 15 minutes of fame doing the whooping and hallering. There are tribes in the state that are for the nickname like the Spirit Lake Sioux and the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewas, I say fine change the name from Fighting Sioux to Fighting Chippewas then see what happends.
  9. darell1976

    Goodbye NCC

    I think the move was great by NDSU and if it wasn't for Roger Thomas the Sioux would have followed with equal success or better. NDSU is the talk of the state being the only true D-I school but since people are familiar with UND hockey the move by the Sioux will make people talk about UND football and basketball. Its hard to live in Fargo hearing the Bison play big name teams like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Marquette or even Central Michigan then hearing the Sioux play St. Cloud, or Western Washington or Humboldt State it doesn't excite me as much. I wished the Sioux would have moved with everyone else instead of dragging their feet. Well I say goodbye NCC forever and hello D-I!!!!!
  10. I saw the protest on the news and one of the signs said "People are not logos" what the hell do you consider the Vikings (Augustana, or Minnesota). Or what is the difference between Fighting Sioux and Fighting Irish besides money. Maybe the protesters should protest all people logos of the NCAA and NFL not just the native american ones, also one woman said she didn't like people saying "Kill the Sioux". Um hello they are talking about the team not individuals. So if i say Kill the Patriots (which i do since i am a Dolphins fan) am i un-American? Should i be watched as a known terrorist. Or kill the Eagles am i going to kill our national bird? That woman needs a room at the nut house to think people mean the actual people.
  11. SIOUX WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. If UND wins the lawsuit (and i think they will) will there still be protesters?? Or will it take a name change to end the protesters??
  13. Maybe someone should videotape them right back. I am sure they will try to disrupt the peaceful crowd trying to watch a game. And it would just suck to get that on tape. I hope the protesters get arrested and get thrown in jail with a bunch of Sioux fans.
  14. What is wrong with playing Omaha, or St. Cloud why Valley City or Jamestown or Mary. There are other D2 schools in this country that are better than those crappy ND schools i mentioned.
  15. 42.80 a pair. Just for Indians. What about other obese childen and adults of other races who can't afford shoes like this. Why just this one race. Thats horrible!!!!
  16. Who would have thought that a D1 powerhouse basketball team would come up to Grand Forks ND to play a D2 basketball team who wasn't all that good to begin with..but it happened. I am not saying when the Sioux hit I-AA they will schedule I-A teams to GF it may take 5 or 10yrs, but it may happen.
  17. I agree!!!!! Perfect season for the Sioux coming up.
  18. I wish the Sioux women all the best on this coming season. Hopefully they can turn it around and have a good year!!! GO SIOUX!!!
  19. Sure the Gophs can score 20. HAHA. I say 21-3 NDSU
  20. Missed the interview. What happened??
  21. You are right on attendance and what teams NDSU plays, I am sure everyone thought DI means we will see Minnesota, Montana, big name schools not Valley City. Why move up if you still play Valley City they could stay in D2 and have done that. I hope UND doesn't follow suit and actually get big time schools up here and if they need a D2 team to play pick a former NCC team not any school from ND except NDSU.
  22. Could the attendance problems at NDSU be because their arena is absolutly horrible. GF Central's gym is better than the BSA. I went to a game NDSU vs UMKC a couple yrs ago, and that arena either needs a "home makeover" or tear it down and build a new one. Its hiddious!! My wife who was pregnant with our second child couldn't sit on those seats without her back hurting. So if they got a new building i think attendance would go up. I have yet to attend a game at the Betty but i think i will this year to check it out. Of course i miss the Hyslop.
  23. Charley Johnson wouldn't say, and the Fargo Forum says it was a personal nature. I think maybe he got another DUI and is sitting in Jail or maybe he is in rehab. Anyway he was a good guy I will miss him but Lisa Green is a good replacement, plus she is hot!!
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