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  1. After reading that I think it is going UND's way. I think there are things the NCAA are doing to incriminate themselves and they know if it were to come out public opinion plus the courts would rule against them. Its obvious the NCAA did this without thinking what happens if someone takes us to court. Well we are finding out with records sealed for secretcy, plus UND is still the Fighting Sioux after how long now since the list came out well over a year. Not going the way the NCAA thought. Take that Myles Brand.
  2. Some other options for DI teams may be Nebraska (remember they used to play teams like Pacific back in the Osborne days) and they are a worse team now under Callahan. Also maybe Kansas since the Sioux played them in basketball, or maybe Illinois since both teams hate Myles Brand more than anyone. I think lower ranked I-A teams may look at I-AA teams for that "W". And since there aren't too many up here maybe UND can use its hockey power of pursuation to get some teams to play us not Ohio State or Notre Dame or Michigan (but after App. St. it may be possible) but maybe Boston College, or a Michigan team (Cent, East or West). But I guess we will have to wait and see. Maybe a UND at Florida State game would be cool we could call it the Myles Brand Bowl. Battle of the Indian nicknames.
  3. I could see maybe and a big maybe Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa coming to GF maybe Iowa State. If NDSU beats Minnesota this season wouldn't Minnesota want to try to beat them in the Fargodome. Same thing if the Sioux beat these teams not to mention crush them in hockey too. I could see them coming to GF.
  4. I am very confused on the financial part of the scheduling. To get a team to the Alerus the Sioux have to shell out some big bucks correct?? Does that go for any team that the Sioux want to play. And on the flip side the Sioux get paid to go to play a team on the road. Like this year Southern Utah paid UND to go there correct?? Don't teams run out of money trying to get the big names to go to their venue?? I can see the Sioux paying the bucks for a Appalachan State or a I-A team, so hopefully their accountants know what they are doing and don't make UND broke in 2008. Please help with my questions.
  5. While you are still dreaming might as well have your own cheerleader to keep you warm too.
  6. So would they tear out the historic west side of the stadium which has been up since like 1927 and rearrange the stadium for a east-west field or would they leave that and just add seats to the north and south ends of the stadium plus move the very crappy scoreboard.
  7. I graduated from Central with Shannon in 1994. She was a very nice person. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. She will be missed.
  8. That would be fun to cruise up and down Univeristy looking at all the college girls in a big helmet.
  9. Last time i was at the french fry feed, It was at the field at 6th ave N. and Columbia Rd, and Roger Thomas was still coach. So its been a while, but since i am sick i get to miss it again this year. Simplot fries are good!!!
  10. Kick is GOOD!!!!!!!! Sioux 27 SUU 0!
  11. Any chance the Sioux can skip the D2 season and go to D1 this year. If this is the way D1-AA teams play the Sioux are going to kick a$$ in D1.
  12. It would be something to have UND become the next Boise St. and to see them upset a big team in a bowl game.
  13. Why would the Sioux move to I-A?? They are not in the ranks of Nebraska, Ohio State, or even Michigan? Why not stay in the Alerus and be in I-AA for many years and down the road say 15-20 years then i see them moving out of the Alerus or even up to I-A. But as for them moving up to I-A, i don't see that happening.
  14. Maybe the NCAA thought that no school would challenge them in court as sort of a bluff now that UND did, they are trying to settle out of court because they know what they did was IMO stupid and not thoughtout very well. One they came out with the list of schools they thought these schools must comply or else. But when they first starting to allow the schools to come off that list their credibility of being a "bully" to big schools deminished greatly so they picked on the little schools like William and Mary, IUP, and especially UND but when UND said we are taking your butt to court they know they messed up with them. NCAA your nothing when someone stands up to you. So put your tail between your legs and run the other way cause the Sioux are going to kick your a$$!!
  15. Isn't it because they stood thoughout the game so some of the public complained.
  16. http://www.ncaa.org/about/div_criteria.html "Football Bowl Subdivision teams( I-A) have to meet minimum attendance requirements (average 15,000 people in actual or paid attendance per home game), which must be met once in a rolling two-year period. NCAA Football Championship Subdivision teams(I-AA) do not need to meet minimum attendance requirements." Also no mim. attendance requirements for Division II or III.
  17. That thread had nothing to do with my question.
  18. I think since they pay a lot in tution plus fees why not get in the game to watch their fellow classmates play for free they pay for parking like everyone else. I think games without the students is not really a game.
  19. I am confused on some rumors about the Sioux leaving the Alerus to move back to Memorial Stadium or at least a new outdoor stadium. One reason i heard is about the attendance requirement. Only D-1 has a attendance requirement not D1-AA or FCS or whatever it is called. http://www.dakotastudent.com/home/index.cf...07-eef70de293b9 This link is to an article in the Dakota Student saying the Sioux have to move because of attendance problems which is untrue unless the Sioux plan to skip I-AA and play with the big boys of the Big 10 or Big 12 every game. So could someone clairify any confusion on this. Did the NCAA change the attendance rules?? I know the Sioux are gutting the Old Engelstad and adding new turf to Memorial but could the Sioux really be moving out of the Alerus. Please HELP!!!!
  20. That was a fun game to go to. I didn't know there were so many tailgaters at the game. The Alerus is a lot better than the Fargodome!!! Good job Sioux!!!! 1 down 9 more to go.
  21. Well said. I don't obect to the FSC totally but joining it at 1000 is a morgage payment for me, and i don't make the huge wages like doctors or lawyers. Most people around here are middle class. Not too many "rich" people so i see UND hurting themselves by jacking the price of games up. I just wish UND would go back to the seating arangement at Memorial Stadium. Reserve and Students on the Sioux side and GA on the visitor side. And I do believe attendance did rather well add the free parking and people had money to pay for concessions and merchandise but now jack up the ticket prices add parking fees and its like a movie theatre not much money for food and merchandise. Just a warning for UND better put a cap on game prices or else you raise prices like tuition and no one will go to a game.
  22. I don't object the FSC having 50yd line seats they sorta did that at Memorial Stadium towards the end of playing there, but at Memorial Stadium they had the whole visitor side including 50yd line seats open to the public why can't the Alerus do that? Are they afraid the visitor side will hold more people than the Sioux side?? 1100 bucks for 35yd line seats why couldn't they get rid of the FSC and have 35yd line seats for 18 bucks. They trying to suck all the money from the fans as best they could. They started this year already (5 bucks for parking). Its only 3 at the Fargodome. Pretty soon not many people will show up to pay 23 bucks to enter the Alerus (18 for the game and 5 for parking), plus food. Yikes!!!!!!
  23. I sat in the Bison section of the dome during a Sioux-Bison game and when i stood up and cheered people around me yelled for me to sit my azz down. Now my wife wants be to go with her to a Bison game...boy am i going to be bored i think i will just bring a radio and listen to the Sioux.
  24. Anywhere there is red, or green. Just how much are those seats?? And if they were open to the public i am sure they would be snatched up.
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