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  1. Sorry to be that guy as I'm sure this has been posted about 100 times but what are the TV options for the game?
  2. I listen to TH over the iheart radio ipad app. I then DVR the hockey game on TV. The radio feed is about 20 or so second behind the TV so I just pause the TV and sync it up the best I can that way. I did this last year as well.
  3. http://www.wfaa.com/news/entertainment/pets/Lightning-Medicine-Cloud-powwow-to-go-on-despite-baffalo-deaths-151141915.html
  4. So the game is on FSSN. Does that mean it will be able to be picked up on FTA with the dish? I am assuming it will not be on FCS on directv, correct?
  5. I know Friday's game is on Fox Sports Wisonsin or Channel 669 on DirecTV. Not sure about Saturday's game though. Anybody know if that game will be televised as well?
  6. Very sad news indeed. I watched Scratch play a lot of games for the Stars the past couple of seasons.
  7. Selfishly I was hoping the coyotes would have moved back to Winnipeg because I actually get to go to a few games in Atlanta from time to time. Philips arena is nice as well but the problem was that it was always just a 1/3 full.
  8. It's on the DirecTV guide for channel 640. Good news!!
  9. My directv guide says that basketball game between IUPUI and Oral Roberts is on channel 623 and womens basketball is on channel 617. Are we sure the game is on tonight?
  10. Blacked out down here in Texas also. It seems the reliability of having the games on DIrecTv is suspect at best. Sometimes they are on, sometimes they are not. I need to get my FTA system dialed in but I have heard that people are having trouble with a weak signal with that as well. It's frustrating no matter how you slice or dice it.
  11. Thanks! It's there. I figured out what I was doing. In the channel guide I was looking under sports channels and for some reason 617 isn't under there. Its listed when you look under "all channels". Thanks again!
  12. Sweeney said last night that the game tonight is going to be on DirecTv. I don't see it on the directv channel guide and I am trying to record the game tonight to watch later. Any suggestions?
  13. Great. Time to get on the roof and tweak.
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