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  1. Not renewing my tickets if changes aren't made.
  2. I can understand running a qb draw once in a while, but continuously is just stupid.
  3. Looking for some tickets for tonight's game 7015203055
  4. Just realized right now that if UND does get a seed I won't be able to attend the game because I'll be in New York for that hockey game.
  5. KBH2010


    Yeah I get that, but theoretically why would the committee reward a team with an invite if that team belonged to a conference that basically says we care more about a bowl game than the playoffs.
  6. KBH2010


    It would be interesting to see if they would select an at-large from the meac. By having their conference champion participate in the celebration bowl, they are acknowledging that they don't care about the fcs playoffs.
  7. KBH2010

    2016 Attendance

    Leathernecks! I win.
  8. I feel like this happens every game.
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