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  1. To be fair, you do deserve to be mocked. Especially for this post which you deleted after your information was again wrong.
  2. You posted about it once and nobody responded, let alone mocked you. You also said St. Thomas won't get an NCAA exception, so we will see how that plays out.
  3. No. And you don't want the Summit running the NCHC. I'd take Fenton over Duple for any league in a heartbeat.
  4. southpaw

    2019 Season

    I see nothing about that quote that is failing to set expectations. But of course, it's something for you to complain about.
  5. I've heard enough stories about students drinking at und in the 70s and it sounded very similar to my experience in the early 2000s. Your article may be true nationwide but I doubt there was much difference at UND.
  6. Lol, do you even read, bro? "EWU wants to keep its intimate, loud capacity at 8,612 fans (with expanded seating on occasion), but has proposed brand new seats (benches, chairs and luxury seating), a new club seating area and an improved sight line for fans."
  7. How dare they link arms while standing! There are thousands of fans in the stadium "disrespecting" it even more. Go back to not playing the anthem before every game and this will go away.
  8. Thanks Jim. Right now, all of them are loading square for me. Even ArabianDate.com, where I can meet the Turkish ladies.
  9. The future of football But seriously... great job raising all of these funds!
  10. There's a professional team a couple hours away that already has the name. You forget how many people were concerned about a high school having the same name...
  11. If we hit the playoffs tomorrow, does Berrios even get a start? What would you do with him?
  12. Hey @jimdahl, Did you increase the size of the ads at the top of the page in mobile? As of a few days ago, a larger square ad loads vs the previous rectangle ones. However, it takes an extra second for the ad to load vs the rest of the page. So the page loads with an empty rectangle space but after a second it switches to a bigger square, thus pushing the previously loaded content lower. It's not a deal breaker, just annoying it jumps after a second (usually right when im trying to click a link). See below for the before/after.
  13. We already know that's not true and are looking forward to the support UND will receive from NDSU fans when we have a few #qualitylosses vs MVFC teams on the schedule next year.
  14. He was pitching really well in SF, just got rushed into a stupid situation on day 1 and couldn't get it together on his 2nd outing. Hopefully, a trip on the DL helped him mentally as much physically. We need Rocco to trust him.
  15. "I have a new girlfriend. You wouldn't know her, she goes to another school."
  16. southpaw

    2019 Season

    Gutmann Weissbier for me. $2 per liter makes it an expensive beer.
  17. You made it slightly more than a month... not surprising. You also deleted your original post... not surprising. Fortunately, the quote button preserves your posts quite well.
  18. Can't wait for Lakes (aka Siouxvolley) and Siouxvolley (aka Lakes) to have the worst conversations ever there.
  19. The Twins have had the 2nd easiest schedule in the league and will finish the season with the easiest.
  20. southpaw


    I like that they change the color of the ND on the patches. I've always thought it would look cool if the bird was in the negative space.
  21. Wierd there was no FBS sized football stadium...
  22. I'm excited to see this Hawks logo that will bring all the Sioux forever crowd on board. Clearly, a new logo is all it will take.
  23. southpaw

    New Coach?

    Steve Beef. That's a good German name there...
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