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  1. Amazing that if you remove one of the countries with the worst transmission rate, the average goes down. Italy? We can't base it off them! Let's just pick China and South Korea, two countries that have had a significantly harsher and quicker response to the outbreak than America. The medium article posted before does a great job of showing the transmission rates throughout the world. Guess whose rate America matches the most? Italy.
  2. https://twitter.com/GoodmanHoops/status/1238509859856924672?s=20
  3. NCAA has granted all spring sport athletes an additional year. Currently discussing winter sports.
  4. NCAA has granted all spring sport athletes an additional year. They're currently discussing winter sports as well. How about another year for Marlon?
  5. MIBT = Manure Includes Bison Teammakers?
  6. He also said after 15 cases that in a few days it would be down to zero. Narrator: It's not down to zero.
  7. I heard you can bet on virtual horse racing...
  8. The home court advantage could be huge.
  9. Source: https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/52/suppl_1/S36/499461 The main reason it was implemented so quickly was that the CDC was already working on diagnostic tests for detecting emerging influenza virus strains with pandemic potential.
  10. OK? He still called it a hoax, which was what I was responding too from yzerman. Also, is that link supposed to instill confidence in how it's being handled? Here's a timeline of how this administration has consistently downplayed the seriousness and size of Covid-19. Slightly more than two weeks ago, he said Here's an extensive article highlighting the history of Coronavirus, the rate of growth throughout the world, and the difference between how countries have handled it. The only thing the U.S. is leading the way in is the fewest number of tests available per million people. If you want a textbook example of how not to handle a pandemic, look at the U.S. since Coronavirus was first announced in China in December.
  11. I've seen a lot of posts on social media saying UND deserves the title. Imagine if this had happened last year and St. Cloud had declared themselves the national champs. We would have mocked them endlessly.
  12. Can a two-year college go NCAA D1? I'm sure that's right around the corner now that they have a venue.
  13. Where did you get that? Yeah, he says Wow but I feel like that's a normal reaction to UND buying out a coach. The rest of his tweet was literally just facts that would be in any news report.
  14. Six hours later, it's more than 1,000 positive tests. It's amazing what having access to tests actually does to the number of infected patients. If we don't have tests, we can't have official cases.
  15. I'm mostly concerned about whether this is a hoax by the left wing media, or a trial run by the government to see how much they can restrict our movement. If all of the experts here can't even decide which conspiracy this is, how will we ever have a chance to survive it?
  16. That guy is lucky to still be in the game. The ones who aren't can't write articles and aren't just 60+ year olds or those with immune issues. It's not the flu.
  17. While I personally am more worried about other deadly situations despite the fact that so far four people in my office building have tested positive, I understand that city and hospital officials are more concerned. There is no vaccine, it spreads as fast as, if not faster, than the flu, the known death rate is higher than the flu, and hospitals can't handle a massive number of cases regardless of the illness. There's a reason events here in Europe are being canceled: the hospitals are full. I can understand why cities could be asking for these events to be canceled. If 1% of a regional gets sick, you're looking at maybe 80 people. If 1% of Detroit gets sick, there's a major problem.
  18. southpaw

    Bubba extension

    We have more in common with NDSU, SDSU and UNI than Sac St, Portland St and Southern Utah. Can't say I was ever excited to see any of those games. At least going to MVFC games most fans don't have to drive 1,000 miles.
  19. southpaw

    Bubba extension

    Exactly. Maybe I didn't articulate well enough. I see the MVFC as the NCHC of FCS. and the Big Sky would be Hockey East. Without NDSU going on this run, I'd bet at least two other teams have titles in the past handful of years. There have been some damn good teams from the MVFC. There have also been some good Big Sky teams but (and this is as a fan of the Big Sky for UND) I just never felt like any of the teams were quite the complete team. I'd take some of those SDSU teams over any of the Big Sky teams any day of the week and twice on Saturdays in January. I loved the Big Sky. I went to more away games there than I will ever in the MVFC, and I'm a bit scared about how UND will fare against the MVFC.
  20. southpaw

    Bubba extension

    When I think of the MVFC, UND is nearly guaranteed to play 4 of the top 5 teams every year. Yes, there are definitely bottom-tier teams that should be easy wins for any "adequate" team. In the Big Sky, you could get super lucky with scheduling and find yourself playing the six lowest teams in a season with just a couple of higher level teams. The uneven scheduling is more magnified in a bigger conference, so the strength of the conference gets spread around. I think the top of the Big Sky is on par with the top of the MFVC. But more than half your schedule can be low-level teams that you should dominate. Unless they're ISU, in which case ????
  21. Get a point tonight, rest everyone tomorrow. Bring in the emergency goalie. Stay healthy for the first round.
  22. It's only on kick plays.
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