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  1. i was hoping NJ would trade up to get him
  2. We should have it up within the next two weeks. Also, here's a little tip for you. If you have an HDTV (Not just HD-ready) and you have the regular cable order, you can pick up those local HD channels for free. It's just a technical glitch, not some special offer. Also, they have HD-DVD players with HD tuners in them. You can also get those local HD channels if you have the HD-DVD player hooked up to your tv and regular cable.
  3. That's pretty hilarious. How many people showed up for each Bison football game? Compare that with average attendance for Sioux games. Of course the statistics would be skewed. I hear home playoff games brings more people. How has bison football done recently with attendance at home playoff games?
  4. We could potentially lose more players. I just read on Espn.com at http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=2109696 that says Included in those drafted that are/were Sioux players are: Zach Parise - signed (devils) Matt Smaby - unsigned (lightning) Brady Murray - signed overseas (kings) Rylan Kaip - unsigned (atlanta) Chris Porter - unsigned (chicago) There are a lot of good college players that were drafted in 03...included in those are: Mark Stuart Jeff Tambellini Patrick Eaves Matt Carle David Backes Jimmy Howard Danny Irmen Ryan Potulny Mike Vanelli Brett Sterling Gino Guyer Matt Zaba I'm not sure about what happens to 2004 draft picks. Apparently that website says that Thursday July 28th is the "Deadline to make required bona fide offers to 2004 draft picks." I don't know what happens to those players who weren't given offers.
  5. If you're excluding Denver from being a top team, then I think you have to seriously look at UMN too. They've "only" got 5 championships, other than back to back it was twenty some years in between titles. Just recently they've had the kind of dominant team that you think is going to win every year. Sure with Woog behind the bench they had better finishes than Denver, but they never won anything.
  6. I always did think that UND having the Fighting Sioux nickname was the same as slavery. Thank's for finally pointing it out. You know what, you forgot to mention the Holocaust too in your argument.
  7. WDAZ shoots on M2 film. There are less than 10 stations in the country who use m2. it's a very low quality of tape. kvly and kxjb currently shoot on dvc-pro which is digital. i don't know about fox sports, but i can say they most likely use dvc-pro. it's the highest quality tape on the market that most stations can afford. wday/wdaz can definitely afford to move up to dvc-pro, its just the matter of do you want to spend a ton of money to convert now, when you're going to have to convert to all-digital in a couple years. it's not just wdaz that has cut it sports to 2 minutes. with sports center, the only sports information a majority of the world cares about is local stuff. it's kinda hard to find 5+ minutes of local stuff everyday to keep that time filled. high school, college and twins games are what you'll get at wdaz. if you want highlights from the nba finals, you'll go to espn, just like everyone else.
  8. The Native American tribute to Coach Walsh at the Ralph was one of the most moving experiences that I have ever seen. I believe that helped solidify the respect the two programs and fans have for each other. I personally support Maine over every other non-WCHA team and wholeheartedly supported them over the Gophers in the playoffs. They are a class act.
  9. Hey folks. ESPN is running an on-line poll for the Frozen Four winner. The Goofers were in the lead, but it appears that CC rallied the troops and has pulled into the lead. Let's do our part and support the one and only true favorite. Go Sioux. Here is the link: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/index PCM: Great article on Sioux goaltending at USCHO.
  10. So be pissed off at the league. Don't come out and berate the player. Some seem to expect him to self-impose a rest of the season suspension.
  11. Again, for the second time in this thread, you have said that I have an approach of closing "my eyes to the story because it didn't involve hockey." I never said we shouldn't or can't discuss off-ice issues, in fact I enjoy reading about off-ice issues of players. However, there are certain issues, like this one, that I don't feel should or need to be brought up. The hit happened, I feel that Paukovich is sorry about it. He said in the Denver Post that he feels terrible about the situation. I was pissed off like no other when I saw the hit, but I'm not going to condemn the kid and bring up his past to try and prove some point. I guess if some people feel that his sexual assault conviction has some sort of connection to the hit, then they can feel that way. However, along the same lines, they should relate Greene's DUI arrest to every bad penalty he takes, or every illegal hit he makes. It's a bit ridiculous the way some fans here screamed and yelled when Bina got hit and yet have no problem with some of the hits Sioux players make. (Not saying that to you PCM, I know you stance about Greene's hit and I agree with it) Had the SCSU player been knocked out or been out of the game, would Sioux fans have been making this big of an issue out of it? Or would they have said enough is enough like many DU fans have said. Certainly Paukovich has been discussed over and over since the hit occured and while Robbie may never play hockey again, there has to be a time when we let it go. The hit happened, we can't change it. The kid apologized, said he felt terrible. He got suspended twice. I guess anything short of a lynching wouldn't be enough for some Sioux fans.
  12. I'd imagine you were right there asking for Greene to be kicked off the team, right?
  13. Try looking at it from the prespective as if your child was Paukovich. You don't think he feels terrible about it? You think people should go about the internet bringing up his history and condemning him for life?
  14. Good luck trying to prove intent to injure. Sure it was a dumb play, but seriously. In 8th grade I got in a fight and punched a kid in the face. Then last year in intramural hockey, I slashed a guy and almost broke his wrist. The two must be connected and I must be a consistent threat to society.
  15. I guess I just figured most Sioux fans would follow Denny Green on the high road.
  16. I never said that, but I don't think this conviction FROM 2 YEARS AGO has anything to do with his hit. I don't see the point in bringing this up other than to mock the kid and to try and prove some point that he is violent and cheap. However, there is no way I'm going be make the connection between a violent act of sexual assault and a violent hit on the ice.
  17. Again, illegal by law or illegal in a hockey game. Please explain to me how a kid's sexual assault conviction has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with a hit in hockey. You can say poor judgement and violent behavior all you want. But to connect the two is ridiculous.
  18. sexual assault and a hit in a hockey game are not even close to the same thing. don't try and make it look that way. this information has nothing to do with his hit on bina and it specifically has nothing to do with sioux hockey.
  19. I can't stand the guy because of his hit on Bina, but what is the point of going back and looking at a sexual assault conviction? This has nothing to do with the hit and is pretty classless to go around posting this. I understand it's public information, but still. Let the guy be. The hit was wrong, he knows it. He is being punished by the school.
  20. southpaw

    2 or 3 seed

    Cornell beats Harvard and the Sioux are a #2 seed. The rest of the games just determine how high of a #2 seed they are.
  21. southpaw

    UND vs. Gophs

    Even if BC wins tonight, the Sioux can sitll be a #3 seed. If Harvard Beats cornell and Michigan beats Ohio State, then we're #9 overall. As long as Cornell wins, we are a #2 seed. So you don't have to cheer for BC tonight.
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