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    SIOUX @ CC

    170-86-19 and UND leads 124-70-9. booooooooo
  2. southpaw

    SIOUX @ CC

    oshie... what a stud 2-1 sioux w00000
  3. southpaw

    SIOUX @ CC

    w00000w0w0w000w0w00w0w0w toews is such a stud... might as well give him and oshie the co-roy
  4. southpaw

    SIOUX @ CC

    once i read all of this tomorroww, i'm going to be so mad at all of you. p.s., mom and dad don't read this.
  5. southpaw

    SIOUX @ CC

    everyone wait 30 seconds after something happens before you post, so i don't get confused by the posts before i can hear it over the internet. thanks.
  6. southpaw

    SIOUX @ CC

    my math for the game was wrong tonight... i thought i started at 6 and not 8:30. so i started drinking at 5:30... needless to say i've been hanging out with the cap'n a bit so far.
  7. GF needs a 10x10 block area of rental/student housing. people who buy the houses know what type of area they are getting. put a park in the center, much like university park, because students like to spend time outside. i'd imagine it will need some police patrol, but at least that way the cops know a general area, rather than how it's spread out now. some restaurants could build on the fringe to attack students and it'd be like a small village on the outskirts of grand forks. as long as the houses are average to upscale, i think the "right" type of students would move in.
  8. Perhaps, charge more for lower bowl and less for upper bowl? That way you get more die hards down low and the people looking to find a post-game party up top. Main problem is that for a lot of students money is an issue. I know I probably wouldn't be able to throw down $200 for tickets, but for some students, including those non-die hards, that may not be an issue. First come first serve general admission. That gets the die-hards out there. The ralph can keep the bad kids out by de-activating their student id's if they get kicked out. Sure there are students who will just borrow their friend's id, but it will still cut down on some of the bad students at the games.
  9. Just like the select few students who feel they are entitled to the world... this type of attitude is just as non-productive. it's this attitude that makes the students feel like they're back in 3rd grade being told what to do by their parents and teachers. just because you're old enough to have watched hockey for 50 years doesn't mean that you are any more of a hockey fan the me, who has watched and played some form of hockey for all but the first 3 years of my life. PCM, I want you to realize something, hopefully this will help. You should take the standing problem and the swearing problem and separate them. to me, standing is a cheering issue, swearing is an appropriateness issue. i know there have been some bad apples who willingly throw f-bombs left and right, but it's not just students. anyone in their right mind knows that students dont have a right to swear. obviously, you can't expect no swearing period, because there are just some people, students and public, who feel the need to swear. it's the organized chants that need to stop. agree with that whole heartedly. Now, to the standing issue. My first year of college was the last year in the Old Ralph. I "sat" in the same seats for every game, I was there at least four hours before every game standing in line to get those seats. Part of cheering for me, was standing and pounding on the glass. At high school games prior to college, I would stand with all of the other students and cheer. So obviously, those first couple years in the new ralph, it was tough to swallow the "sit down" pill. It's still natural for me to stand up when something exciting starts to happen. It's natural that you cheer louder when you're standing. The number of students who were used to standing in the last years of the old ralph and the first couple years of the new ralph is diminishing... but there are still a lot of people, like myself (i'm out of college, but still make it up for about half of the games) who stand up to cheer or see exciting things. I don't think i have a "right" to stand, but I think any reasonable person who goes to a hockey game, whether they pay $70 for season tickets or $1,000, should expect people around them to stand and cheer. Not throughout the game, but during exciting times. With three minutes left in a one goal game, I'd like to think most of the arena would be standing and cheering their heads off. That's not the case. If you ask me, that's an appropriate time to stand and cheer, but if you ask the average person in sections 107 and 110, I bet they say it's not. Thats the big difference, is that for some people it's appropriate, for others it's not. Who is to decide what's appropriate? Just because I paid less for my ticket, does that mean I can't stand and cheer for my team? Again, it's not because I'm standing because I have a "right," it's because I'm standing to cheer on my team during a tense part of the game. Sorry, it got so long, but that's the difference between the swearing and the standing problems and why you can't just lump them together. The occasional f-bomb will slip out, but cheers with swearing shouldn't be tolerated. Standing for the entire game shouldn't be tolerated, but I think the students should have a little lee-way with when they get to stand.
  10. effing tj oshie what a stud.... oshie from parise
  11. realistically, this is what i think it will end up being. UND 28 40 UW 28 32 Denver 28 29 Mankato 28 27 MTech 28 27 AA 28 26 UMD 28 25 SCSU 28 25 CC 28 25 UMN 28 24 mind you, this means that the gophers get swept by wisconsin and then neither of those teams gets a point the rest of the season.
  12. I agree/disagree. I agree that US Sioux fans should be thankful for what we have. The betty, despite a few small inconveniences is hand over fist better than most ncc basketball arenas (except maybe mankato's). St. Cloud's arena was horrible. It could be that I'm spoiled from the Betty, but when I have to stand up, not because of the play, but because my butt hurts from the uncomfortable seats... it's not a good arena. That place could use some major renovations.
  13. Assistant A.D. Mike Schepp will be on kxjb news at 5:30 to talk about the meeting and explain what the plans are to fix the problem.
  14. If parise isn't ready, i'd hope they'd play phil.
  15. matt watkins is gone, checking from behind 5 min major check wasn't into the boards, so hak is wondering why its a major
  16. UAA pp goal sioux down 1-0
  17. Then you're probably closer to anchorage than the rest of us.
  18. Your love for Kessel is well documented in these threads for a month. You're incapable of observing a hockey game without wanting to jump on kessel at every second. We don't like Kessel - heck we don't need to like him. and this continuous lovefest about Kessel about everything makes you look pretty anti-sioux. But - hey - keep at it - I'm sure this won't stop you. Sioux fans can make up their own minds on Kessel - we don't need your constant butt-kissing.
  19. i've seen a quote recently, may have been someone's sig here, may be somewhere else...but i'm going to edit it for this situation. "if logos cause racism, then spoons make michael moore fat."
  20. I agree that losing to an ECAC team is unthinkable for a top 7 wcha team, but i think Hak needs to tell the boys the game will be as tough as a wisco series. if you tell them it's going to be easy, they may take some time off. i say let em know this is one of the most important series (aren't they all?) and that a loss at home is not in the cards.
  21. hopefully this year's olympic team doesn't under-achieve like those bunch of hacks from '80.
  22. any word on video for this game? i don't have a dish and don't get espnu, so will it be on the fighting sioux network?
  23. Just a quick note. I didn't get a chance to watch the game, but I read through all of the posts. During the Sioux's 5 on 3 early in the game, there seemed to be a lot of complaining about not shooting. I may get taken to the woodshed for this, but I think when it's that early in the game, scoring isn't probably the biggest priority. Don't get me wrong, but the team should try and score at any moment, but also realize that by cycling the puck and passing it back and forth across the zone, the other team is getting extremely tired. Most teams have their best players on the pk, especially a 5 on 3, so if you have the opportunity to make some extra cross-ice passes to tire out those players early, then take it. I'd imagine you'll score a lot more goals in the third if you just spend that first 5on3 tiring guys out.
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