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  1. Porter was very impressive Friday night and if he keeps it up, he will be the biggest surprise. Considering Murray and Stafford are on 1st and 2nd lines respectively they are almost expected to perform well, however if Porter gets some ice time, he will impress very much.
  2. May i suggest that the Gophers focus on not making the turnovers. Getting stupid penalties against UND hasn't hurt anybody yet. So far all it does is tire out the PK unit for the other team, leading to some pretty good 5v5 action by the Sioux.
  3. It's nice to see UMD doing so well. I have no problem with them winning every game for the rest of the season...except they are obviously going to lose to UND.
  4. So they're pretty much going to have to average 3 goals for a game for the entire line. That's going to be very tough to do, however I think games like Yale/Brown/Wayne St./UAA are going to be necessary to help them "pad their stats." I think if they can at least average 2+ gpg then they are going to be in very good position to reach 100. Considering Bucks was able to pick up 3 vs a very good BC team, there is a lot of possibilities for this line. Only problem is...we have to think of a new name for them as "line of fire" is copyrighted by Panzer/Lundbohm/Bayda. I don't think I ever head blais set a certain amount of points for the line...however 200 would be a very nice goal to reach. So far after 5 games...the line has amassed 24 points (10 goals, 14 assists) and are the 1, 2 and 3 scoring leaders for the Sioux.
  5. While shutouts do matter to a goalie...they aren't extremely important. Especially not against a team like Yale. That's like saying you swept UAA...not the hardest thing in the world to do. I think Jake knows that having 2+ good goaltenders with great confidence is better for the team than just having 1 with a bunch of shutouts. Blaiser knows whats going on...I trust him and considering he has done that whole 2 Nat. Champs thing...I guess I can let him run the best team in the nation.
  6. I was at the game for the 1st 2 periods (had to leave because someone else needed the camera) and Parise was not looking very good. Either of them. Zach looked about a step slow and you could tell he was still favoring his leg a little bit. The 2nd Yale goal made Adam Houser's five hole look tiny. It was a right side backhander that caught the inside of Jordan's right pad and slid between his legs. On the 1st one, it just slipped right underneath him, howeer it was a pretty hard shot from about 10 feet out. Genoway was a pimp like whoa tonight. His goal was amazing, he was being hauled down by two guys and just flipped it up and in as he went down. Quite the goal. Stafford's goal was also pretty clutch, he's going to be pretty good. Porter was all over the ice tonight, and he has been a very nice suprise. Give him 30 points possibly this season. Good offense, horrible goaltending, ok defense by the Sioux tonight. I give them a B- for their overall performance. No way you should give up 4 goals to any team, yet alone Yale with as few shots as they had.
  7. The Devils activated RW Turner Stevenson off the injured list and placed rookie D David Hale on it with a groin injury
  8. Its a chant the students have done for at least a couple years (although its died down lately due to stricter rules) "Anderson needs a goat, Anderson needs a goat, Anderson needs a goat, so he won't f**k us!" However, often it has been changed to a sheep for shepherd
  9. southpaw


    That right there is your problem
  10. southpaw

    UMD vs. UMN

    The Sioux are also at the bottom of the WCHA standings
  11. southpaw

    UMD vs. UMN

    Lucky me, I have a ticket connection too now I know a guy who's dad knows the guy who dresses up as the Marron Loon mascot, im so set.
  12. southpaw

    UMD vs. UMN

    Could tonight really get any better? Great job Duluth, it was a good idea of us to let you borrow our coach for a little while. And in other news... Yankees Payroll - $164 million Marlins Payroll - $63 million Watching an old man piss away $164 million - Priceless
  13. Posted on ESPN.com: MINNEAPOLIS -- Left wing Pascal Dupuis signed a three-year contract with the Minnesota Wild, his agent said Saturday. The team wouldn't confirm there was a deal. Agent Allan Walsh said the deal was completed Friday night, but he wouldn't release any financial terms. "He signed a contract that was fair for both sides," Walsh said. Dupuis had 20 goals and 28 assists, and led the club with a plus-17 rating last season. A team spokesman said the team wouldn't publicly announce the signing until Sunday because it would have to reassign a player to make room for Dupuis on the 23-man roster. Dupuis arrived Saturday morning in Tampa, Fla., although not in time to practice with his teammates before the Wild's match against the Lightning. The 20-goal scorer skated for 45 minutes with assistant coach Mario Tremblay, but he won't immediately return to the lineup. "All I can say is I'm happy to be here and I'm happy to see the guys," Dupuis told the St. Paul Pioneer Press at the team hotel Saturday afternoon. Walsh rejected the team's first two offers to Dupuis. Earlier this month, Walsh said Dupuis was considering offers to play in Europe this year if the Wild didn't make a better offer. Star right wing Marian Gaborik is still without a contract. He scored 30 goals and became the Wild's first All-Star last season. Without the two holdouts, the Wild have struggled on offense this season. The team is 2-5-1 and in last place in the Northwest Division with only five points. Both players are represented by the Beverly Hills Sports Council. Walsh's partner, David Schatia, has been handling most of Gaborik's negotiations lately, but Walsh said Saturday that both agents are co-representing him. _____________________________________ Let's hope they can get Gabby signed and put all of this behind them.
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    Right now, my goal is to just create the WCHA. In NHL 2004, they have a new option of 2 European leagues, each of which has 10 teams. My plan is to create all 10 WCHA teams and then just replace one of the European leagues. All rosters and jerseys will be changed to WCHA. There is also the option of adding any or all of the created WCHA teams into an "NHL" season. So you could have the Sioux replace the Wild and then try and win the Stanley Cup. There are a lot of options, the Sioux Jersey/Roster will be done early next week hopefully. By the time I am finished with all of the WCHA teams the game shouldn't be too expensive to buy, so hopefully more people will be able to use the addon. I expect to have everything completely finished by the end of December. I'm still in college, i have 2 jobs and an internship, so I'm very busy, so if anybody has any clue how to do rosters/jerseys and is willing to help me out with some of the other WCHA teams that would be awesome.
  15. southpaw

    UMD vs. UMN

    Anybody else getting a little hungry?
  16. southpaw


    I'm pretty much done with the jersey, i just need a picture of Brandt's pads, preferably a close-up, so I can see all of the detail.
  17. I'm just waiting for him to start talking about how NDSU will be making a huge playoff run next year.
  18. What school is leaving?
  19. You know what they say...Once a team goes downhill, their fans start to talk about next year so they don't have to face the fact their team blows.
  20. They COULD have won it, but as we can already see, the Bison have a tough time getting 1 yard, yet alone trying to get two.
  21. southpaw

    Great Game

    Thanks for making yet another thread about the game.
  22. I found a nice little tidbit on Matt Greene... Matt Greene D
  23. southpaw


    Just post the link to the pictures, or post them on here if you want. Im mainly looking for shots from as many different angles as possible. Just something that will show me as much of the jersey as possible, so I know exactly how they are designed. Basically, any pictures that show the jersey/socks/breezers/helmet will work fine. Right now, I have talked with some other college hockey fans in the WCHA who would like to add all of the WCHA teams to NHL 2004. Hopefully, we will be able to do that too. Thanks
  24. southpaw


    Hey kids...so a friend and I are creating Sioux Jerseys and whatnot for NHL 2004 and we were hoping to get some help. What we need are as many pictures as possible of the jerseys UND has worn. These include the new ones (black/white/green) the geometric logos (black/white/green) the old school jersey the Sioux wore during the HOF game this year, the "Blackhawks" jersey (not sure what colors they had, but all of them would be helpful). We also need some pictures of the pads that Brandt, Parise, Ziegelman, and Goehring wear. If things work out well, in about two weeks we will have a fully created Sioux team that you can place in NHL 2004. There will be options for the current roster, or possibly a mix of the current with some players from recent years (Panzer, Goehring, Roche, etc). Thanks for all your help and when we get a chance, we will post pictures of what we have completed in case anybody is interested.
  25. what do you think you're doing? We aren't actually supposed to talk about hockey. Perhaps we need a disclaimer saying no hockey talk shall occur on these message boards.
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