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  1. After splitting my season tickets for 5 plus years, I have been informed he will no longer buy half for next year. They are upper level in 302. All Fri night games. Love the seats. May be adding a 5th to the 4 together. Kids are outgrowing lap seats. Message me for details. Includes Fri and Sun playoffs and probably 1 exhibition as well. Or text me 701-741-4258 Thanks!
  2. anybody have a youtube stream? stuck in a hotel that doesn't have it or tnt or tbs. not a great selection here haha
  3. Is this our game thread tonight? usually its much more active.
  4. At least we won't pull a Michigan and duck some opponents if we can't field a full team.
  5. Hey at least now the players know that their coach has no faith in them. Poor players get to look in the mirror and realize their coach is a pu**y and they are looked at as soft and can't gut their way through a back to back. NO chance they can win a title.
  6. Could we have just kept Thome? Driscol looks like a HS goalie on Fridays. Kind of pathetic we use our business suits for a friday night at CC. Jesus
  7. Just waiting on the wonderful high road people in here to start bitching about how we are just bandwagon jumpers, don't care about the team, or Berry is trying his best to come in here and scold us. We are all here for the same reason so enough with that crap please. It's annoying.
  8. Our defense and goaltending are just trash. Dear lord.
  9. Is it silly to say we have a goaltender issue? Clearly we have no backup or he'd start every now and again.
  10. Tonight can be redemption or the beginning of the end of the season. Honestly this feels like a must win. Maybe losing a tight game is a moral victory, but a 5-2 spanking signals trouble.
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