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  1. snooty89

    Omaha at UND Gameday (March 9)

    Can Bowen be a senior too? My god what on earth is he doing. Clear it to the boards.
  2. snooty89

    UND @ Western Michigan -- Saturday

    Well horrible PP for us. Man I thought we were going to complete the comeback.
  3. snooty89

    St. Cloud State at North Dakota (January 25 & 26)

    Happy to hear that Berry believes we played a good 60 minute game but didn't bury our chances. Maybe he should have watched the replay...
  4. snooty89

    St. Cloud State at North Dakota (January 25 & 26)

    Outside of running the regular season table we will be on the road for the 1st round. So really the only games we should care about at this point would be a road trip to Denver or Duluth and try to win 2 of 3. Bring back Hak.
  5. snooty89

    St. Cloud State at North Dakota (January 25 & 26)

    Does CBS Sports Network not have an app to download on roku or firestick?
  6. snooty89

    North Dakota at Omaha - January 18-19, 2019

    I head to the bathroom for a minute and come back to my wife cursing. How the hell do we give up 2 that quickly.
  7. snooty89

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    I was wondering the same thing. Kind of sounded like a duo like DJ Khalid or something showing the season highlights at the 8 minute mark for only about a minute before the teams come out for introductions. Probably just a saturday night thing. If anyone knows let us know!
  8. snooty89


    Video quality is really horrible for me. You guys have the same issue? Couldn't follow the puck if someone paid me to on the feed. Internet is fine.
  9. 302 row K. 2 tickets. Tickets are in Fargo. Text me if you are interested. Can meet up until around 1pm. 701 741 4258
  10. snooty89

    Saturday Sioux gopher tickets

    yes still available. can have tickets with me in Fargo for work tomorrow. Live between gf and Fargo
  11. have 2 tickets. Section 302 row k. Great seats. If anyone is interested text me 701 741 4258. tickets are in Fargo
  12. snooty89

    Saturday Sioux/Gophers 2 tickets

    Couldn't figure out how to sign up without a UND id. My old college one didn't work, but it is good to know for another place to find stuff.
  13. snooty89

    Saturday Sioux/Gophers 2 tickets

    Thought for sure I'd have gotten an offer on these. Not a single one. Frustrating as I don't want to sell to Gopher fans.