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  1. Just waiting on the wonderful high road people in here to start bitching about how we are just bandwagon jumpers, don't care about the team, or Berry is trying his best to come in here and scold us. We are all here for the same reason so enough with that crap please. It's annoying.
  2. Our defense and goaltending are just trash. Dear lord.
  3. Is it silly to say we have a goaltender issue? Clearly we have no backup or he'd start every now and again.
  4. Tonight can be redemption or the beginning of the end of the season. Honestly this feels like a must win. Maybe losing a tight game is a moral victory, but a 5-2 spanking signals trouble.
  5. I hope this team takes this as a positive. Realize if they think they are a top 10 talented team and can just show up and play it's not happening. Play a defensive game and give full effort. This is pathetic.
  6. I don't understand the lack of focus and effort. On the road against the 5th ranked team in the country.
  7. We can be disappointed in the effort and it not be an overreaction. That is stupid. We are all here because we care. This team needs to play with full effort at all times to hang with higher skilled teams. That's just the bottom line. We need to outwork everyone and when we just show up we get embarrassed. Absolutely we could win tomorrow night, but it's not going to happen with this effort.
  8. Very surprising effort from our team after we responded last Saturday. Getting wrecked and this can't be our thing on Friday nights.
  9. !@#$ the gophers. I legit hate everything about them. Sweep them please. Derail their entire season which could go either way based on the results of this weekend.
  10. That is a pretty awesome troll piece. Not too far over the line, but far enough to get a chuckle out of people.
  11. Were there a ton of fans at his Junior team wondering if he was going to be leaving come April? I guess I don't know if he was the #1 center who announced he was returning to his team. If that was the case then I would understand if the fans of the team he just left might be pissed. I do love the argument that a person has to make perfect life choices in order to be annoyed with someone else that screws over your team. I genuinely love reading all the comments on here.
  12. Can't speak to his political beliefs but can say most college kids are stupid to begin with. I know when I was a college kid 90% of them had the same political beliefs and had no idea how the actual world worked. Granted as a hockey player going to the next level he probably never will get a taste for applying for jobs and getting a real job for quite some time. I don't appreciate his timing of leaving the team in a bind.
  13. Haha. Yep we are just the worst. Wish we all had the character of a guy to bail on a team at the last minute. Classy move that should be applauded apparently.....
  14. I mean he was a good player and all that but nobody will remember him in a decade. Always was a secondary player here that would have been a frontline player with less firepower around him. Probably got nervous he wouldn't perform and took the money. Genuinely a bitch move.
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