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  1. Were there a ton of fans at his Junior team wondering if he was going to be leaving come April? I guess I don't know if he was the #1 center who announced he was returning to his team. If that was the case then I would understand if the fans of the team he just left might be pissed. I do love the argument that a person has to make perfect life choices in order to be annoyed with someone else that screws over your team. I genuinely love reading all the comments on here.
  2. Can't speak to his political beliefs but can say most college kids are stupid to begin with. I know when I was a college kid 90% of them had the same political beliefs and had no idea how the actual world worked. Granted as a hockey player going to the next level he probably never will get a taste for applying for jobs and getting a real job for quite some time. I don't appreciate his timing of leaving the team in a bind.
  3. Haha. Yep we are just the worst. Wish we all had the character of a guy to bail on a team at the last minute. Classy move that should be applauded apparently.....
  4. I mean he was a good player and all that but nobody will remember him in a decade. Always was a secondary player here that would have been a frontline player with less firepower around him. Probably got nervous he wouldn't perform and took the money. Genuinely a bitch move.
  5. I can't wait. Vegas 2018 was fantastic. This will be even better on the strip. I hope it sells out and there will be a solid 5000 tickets easily for non Champions Club members.
  6. Probably wrong spot to ask but are tickets to men's hockey all digital this year? I spent about an hour trying to find the answer and failed. If that is a yes to all digital is there an app to put on our phones to just have ready to go and to transfer tickets to others. Thanks guys!
  7. I think it is fantastic with taking 3 kids under 9 to the game on Saturdays. Gets more people to eat at the game and allows us to get home an hour earlier. Excellent changes and hope they are permanent for those traveling an hour to the game each night.
  8. All we gotta do is make the tourney and anything can happen. Pinto was ready and hopefully he will stick in the NHL for 10 years.
  9. This feels like it will be a year fighting for home ice in NCHC playoffs and a NCAA bubble team. Too many seniors and high end players leaving early. Hope they shock us with some staying again.
  10. These Fargo Regionals haven't really been friendly to us.
  11. I will take full credit because with 4 minutes to go I ran and put my lucky white Sioux jersey on with popcorn butter stains on it and we came back.
  12. If we can pull this out nobody will want to see this team with 12 days off.
  13. That is stupid as F. We are all on the same team here. Good lord
  14. HOLY SHIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. We got this. Scheel is on. A senior will pop one and the place will explode.
  16. Good lord this game is tight. My nerves don't like this.
  17. We will roll tonight. 5-2. Duluth is way overrated and we have the best team in the country and want it more.
  18. Couldn't they have sent an alternate team to each site. Or a team close by regionally that was a bubble team? I bet Denver UConn and others on the outside looking in would have taken that chance. They would have been there, been tested, and been ready.
  19. Imagine each team had to wear that until they put their jerseys on. Walking into the arena, around the hotel, and on the bus. Freaking hilarious idea!
  20. Anyone know of any hoochies to visit the Duluth hotel?
  21. In all honesty though we should steamroll this team tonight. We have the best team in the country for the past 24 months and this will be just more motivation that they have a play-in game just to face Duluth who will be fresh. I hope it pisses them off and we roll the next 2 games.
  22. One would have to think there must have been multiple tests or the player that did test positive got a Rapid positive and then did a blood test to confirm or something. I can't imagine they wouldn't confirm something 2 or 3 times before ending their season. So stupid they are going out and looking for positives. Unless they are showing symptoms then what is the point?
  23. Any idea if UND got told they are the late game or chose to be the late game Friday? You would think as the #1 overall seed they would get the option and would prefer the earlier for a bit more rest. Always wondered how that works. I am totally overlooking this game and worried about Saturday. I know I shouldn't be, but if this team is as good as we think it is Friday shouldn't be an issue.
  24. Just gotta keep my kids from seeing all the Nick Jr. shows on here, because it looks like an awful streaming service. Maybe the free month will be worth it for basketball.
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