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  1. I would like to thank the 50,000 people that have viewed my youtube clips since I posted the Robbie Bina Goal
  2. You need a good laugh or a quick pick me up there is the Kaip Fight or Robbie's Goal or Sparko Hanging a Dman and briggs out to dry.
  3. Nothing beats a 270Lb tight end out running 2 185Lb DB's
  4. So our AD has some personality. Last year at the F4 some of us in the band went downtown after the game and met him and his family at a resturant and he led the fight song right there on the spot. I say kept it up in fact he encourges the students to stand at the end of close games to get the crowd in it.
  5. Last time I checked we had guys on that team too.
  6. Swimming and Diving that'll come to an end because we are usually on top at the end of the Minnesota Invitational
  7. It's a good thing we've got the antidote Robbie Bina's shorty's
  8. yeah but that wouldnt stop the almighty dollar
  9. Yeah that was about it there was almost always an exuse for everthing Peltier got tripped nocked briggs out of position. Puck was bouncing only when Jeff needed to make a save
  10. This is Bina's share of the top ten http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isJ2I2BNkV0
  11. Those of in the band have ben taunted in the band by WSU fans during the football playoffs and are own fans because we are too loud and the dont Like Dom (cowbell guy)
  12. Do you want the complete top 10 or just RB's
  13. Inside College Hockey has a cool article from The New York Times about Warroad Roseau Hockey http://travel.nytimes.com/2007/01/26/trave...;pagewanted=all
  14. ajoyce02 (38 minutes ago) sioux still suck The trolls have started to show up on youtube again
  15. Oh a sweep by AA would be amazing but if they get a greater then 2-1 powerplay ratio the goofs probably will get lucky. Lets just hope that the three hour time change has an effect
  16. No but the link gets moved to the front of the sports page on youtube
  17. I would like to thank you all I for your hard work and I get the reward top one hundred viewed on youtube
  18. I don't know Sparky not only hung briggs out to dry he took a goofer defensemen with him.
  19. Yeah I took that option off after I posted the WJC shootout Gopher funs where being trolls
  20. No problem just took a little longer then I wanted Since I lost FSN I can't make a highlight reel ended up tivoing 61 minutes of black
  21. The goal of the evening http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXMnye_8wfg
  22. It's from GPL so I'm taking it with a grain of salt
  23. I'm working on it I lost the tivo and had to restart the transfer
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