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  1. Remember that game when UND had 7 penalties in a row at Denver and for the game UND had 8 penalties for 27 minutes and Denver had one penalty for 2 minutes on Saturday Nov. 18? .As a UND fan I was dumbstruck on how bad the refs favored Denver in that game. I also lost all respect for Jim Montgomery the Denver coach as he screamed at the refs the entire game and complained even though every call went Denver's way. Well Denver played Air Force recently and the reffing was all for Denver. Here is a story and a clip where the Air Force coach states similar feelings that I had when UND got home
  2. Actually Montgomery was thanking the linesmen and the refs after everyone else had left the ice for letting him call that no Goal. Plus telling them thanks for the 27-2 in PIM against North Dakota. I now dislike Montgomery more that Gwozdecky. What a jerk!
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