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  1. I wonder what the risk to Biden is considering both were in somewhat close indoor contact during the debate. Could you imagine two senile old fossils with Covid as our Presidential candidates? You couldn't make that **** up in a million years. USA! USA!
  2. Thankfully that decision isn't up to Trump. He'd put the Proud Boys on 'stand by' again.
  3. Trump will be fine. He's the fittest president of all times and has tons of hydroxychloroquine. If that doesn't work he can always inject himself with lysol.
  4. Apparently it was FOX News who paid the $4 million to keep the accusation under wraps, they then discretely fired her. It's no wonder Guilfoyle fits in well with the Trumps.
  5. At the very least, I hope it puts an end to his irresponsible campaign rallies.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, won't they need to quarantine for 2 weeks now? That's the potential incubation period and likely the reason Hicks tested negative yesterday and positive with symptoms today.
  7. Jesus Christ, the comedy just writes itself.
  8. Everybody involved in these riots are cowards and ***holes, across the board. That said, it does take a special kind of scaredy-cat to show up at a brawl with a firearm. Top to bottom this seems to be the radical right's mode of operation more so than the radical left's.
  9. On the entirety? Yes, white supremacists are more ideologically and politically driven than the gangland thugs in Chicago, hence the potential risk for terrorism, threat to institutions and our way of life. That said, the overall terrorist threat is low all across the board. Nonetheless, their political threat isnt limited to terrorism. Just wait till election day when these inbreds start ‘monitoring polls' like the Donald called for his supporters to do. That’s gonna be a blast in certain areas.
  10. C’mon, don’t be difficult, you know the difference. Thugs in Chicago aren’t aiming to affect national policy, sway national public or policy via violence. Hence the difference between ‘terror threat to the United States’ and street crime.
  11. I disagree that it's the prevailing thought. Nonetheless, if others think this is the case, be my guest. Just don't use it as justification to blame minorities/outsiders....which is what Trump is doing in many instances. Btw, my comment wasn't aimed at you personally.
  12. I disagree entirely. That said, if you believe this is the case, the vitriol should be aimed at the 'white liberals' causing the problem; not the immigrant/minority group. Trump is primarily doing the latter. Being labeled racist is no justification for responding in a racist manner.
  13. No, being white, in and of itself, doesn't make you racist. A person's actions make you racist. That said, I agree that racist whites are more apt to be called out for racism than racist blacks. Double standard?...certainly. But I tend to believe this is because racism, in it's entirety, affect blacks/Hispanic/minorities more than it does whites. Tyranny of the majority. But that's just my opinion. Regardless, this double standard is no justification for racism or dislike towards other groups.
  14. No way! Difference is, white supremacists are the greatest terror threat this country faces. DHS - White supremacists are the deadliest domestic terror threat facing the U.S., listed above the immediate danger from foreign terrorist groups. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/04/white-supremacists-terror-threat-dhs-409236
  15. C'mon, you're smarter than that. Quit trying to justify racism. Racial/ethnic resentment, negative attitudes toward the outsider and opposition to changing demographics has been the norm in this country since our inception. Every new immigrant group that rocked the boat was thoroughly **** on by 'traditional America' out of fear of change. Look at the Irish, Italians, Jews, Chinese, etc. etc. Today those groups are the Latinos and the exploding black population. What we’re currently experiencing is par-for-the-course. History repeats itself. That said, it doesn’t make it right or ethical.
  16. House panel releases FBI memo on white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement. A House panel released a 2006 FBI intelligence memo that highlights concerns by the agency about the threat of white supremacists trying to infiltrate law enforcement. https://www.fox23.com/news/local/house-panel-releases-fbi-memo-white-supremacist-infiltration-law-enforcement/5XMAISKEY5FYBKXJUVP52L3ORA/
  17. Right, but black supremacist and black nationalist groups aren’t garnering anywhere near the traction white supremist groups are nowadays. This isn't rocket science - America is culturally changing which is giving rise to white racial resentment. Trump is feeding this frenzy with his dog whistle rhetoric. If Trump knows anything it’s PR. He knows exactly what is hardcore base wants to hear, hence his reluctance to thoroughly denounce and disown white nationalism every single time he's asked about it.
  18. Biggest takeaway from that disaster of a debate?.... Trump telling white supremacists to ‘stand by’.
  19. In theory they do. In practice we have the power to make them do what's in our interests. Ruthless, but that's how it works.
  20. The loser of this debate is Chris Wallace. What a ****show of interruptions.
  21. C'mon, you can't be that oblivious. George Floyd has effectively been transformed into a symbol. (Based on what happened to him) he was the right guy at the right time. He was a rallying point. When people 'take a knee' for George Floyd they are taking a knee for what he symbolizes, which is the need for equality. This is nothing out of the ordinary. There exists many 'great' individuals throughout history who were total POS in their personal lives, yet we iconize them as they’ve become symbols of the ideals we cherish.
  22. Ha! Just read Trump deducted $70,000 for styling his hair and $100,000 for Ivanka's hair and makeup artist. My God the comedy just writes itself. The costs of maintaining personal appearance are not deductible. Writing off a hair transplant is entirely illegal.
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